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Can’t Upload Avatars or Background Images on Twitter? They’re Working On It

If you try to upload a new avatar or background image to your Twitter profile, you may prove unsuccessful. Don’t worry – you’re not alone. Twitter has updated their Status page to inform users that there may be a problem with this function and that they’re working on it: “Currently, Users are not be able to upload or update avatar …

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Twitter’s Fail Whale Makes An Unceremonious Return

For those of you making you way to work or school this morning, you might be greeted with an old friend while checking your Twitter stream: The Fail Whale. What could be the most loathed mascot on the Internet, Twitter’s Fail Whale has been popping up and ruining the start of the morning for many across the Internet. It’s unclear …

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Twitter: Don’t Change Your Email, Username, or Password

Twitter has warned its users that changing their account information may put their accounts in jeopardy, as the company has received numerous reports of people who are getting shut out of their accounts upon trying to do so.

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