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The Twitpocalypse Is Upon Us
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Update 1: The Twitpocalypse occured on June 12, 2009 at 11:52 PM GMT.

UPDATE 2: The Twitpocalypse has claimed its first victim, the popular iPhone app Twitterrific, read more here.

That’s right, the Twitpocalypse is almost here.

Twitterrific 2.0.2 Fixes All Known Twitpocalypse Errors
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UPDATE: Twitterrific 2.0.2 has been approved by Apple’s Application Store. Below is message from the official site…

The Twitpocalypse Claims Its First Victim
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It appears that the Twitpocalypse has drawn first blood.

Twitterrific for the iPhone and iPod touch is currently experiencing problems. The issue is leaving some faithful users frustrated and looking for a new app.

Unhappy Twitterriffic Tweet