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5 Twitter Tools to Help You Tweet from Your Desktop

Does anyone even go to the Twitter homepage anymore? It seems like more and more users are changing the origin of their tweets as Twitter desktop clients are becoming more mainstream.

There are literally dozens of desktop clients available for download… but which are the best?

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Keeping Up With Twitter

I’m getting snowed under, even with following 92 twitterers, possibly because I live 12 hours in the future (GMT+8 vs GMT-5 for most Americans), and there’re pages of back tweets when I wake up every morning and check out my twitter account.

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Seesmic’s Acquisition of Twhirl

What I like about the Seesmic’s acquisition of Twhirl isn’t that I’m using it as my default client for Twitter.   Or that I happen to use Seesmic and look forward to some chocolate and peanut butter goodness.

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Seesmic Befriends (And Buys) Twitter Client Twhirl

Twhirl’s service will remain free to users, so onlookers need not look to their wallets.  Loic Le Meur presumably did a little digging, however, as the Twitter client has been acquired by his video chat company, Seesmic.

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