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Easily Find Twitterers You’re Interested In
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Twellow has made it easier to find Twitter users you are interested in following. That is what Twellow has been about from the beginning, and this simply highlights the fact that our Twellow team is always looking for ways to improve the service.

Twitter Upgrades Follower/Following Relationship Maintenance
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Twitter is in the process of rolling out "a major performance enhancement" to its system, which deals with how users’ following and follower relationships are maintained.

The Twitpocalypse Is Upon Us
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Update 1: The Twitpocalypse occured on June 12, 2009 at 11:52 PM GMT.

UPDATE 2: The Twitpocalypse has claimed its first victim, the popular iPhone app Twitterrific, read more here.

That’s right, the Twitpocalypse is almost here.

Twellow Adds New “View Non-Mutuals” Feature
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Today, on the heels of my "5 Twitter Tools to Help You Manage Unfollowers" article, Twellow released an update to their service. It’s a very small, yet vastly appealing feature entitled "View Non-Mutuals".

5 Twitter Tools to Help You Manage Unfollowers
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Twitter has an insurmountable number of applications from the very useful to the rather comical . It’s hard to weed through and find the truly great applications/services.

Location Adds Purpose and Context to Twitter
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Knowing where people are tweeting from can enrich the Twitter experience in many cases. It appears that Twitter agrees with this, and has some wheels in motion.

Location can add context to a tweet, or to a conversation in general. More geo-information would serve only to make Twitter a more valuable tool. Dan Frommer says Twitter’s next project is location. He writes:

Twitter Alert: Be Careful With Your Email
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Spammers have found a new way to use Twitter. This one lets them harvest email addresses easily,  and use these addresses to do their dirty business. The good news is that you can avoid this practice by simply not tweeting your email address. Have other tips to avoid being spammed? Share them with WebProNews readers.

Twellow Makes Top 10 Business Tools List

Mega-thanks to BusinessPundit for naming Twellow one of 10 essential Twitter tools for business. We’re mighty proud of our creation and encourage our readers to give Twellow a go. You can find Twitter users in any city, doing any profession, …

Twellow Gets a Makeover
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Twellow has undergone a big redesign, and now has a cleaner look with a convenient tabbed browsing format.

If you are unfamiliar with Twellow, think about it as a yellow-pages service for finding people on Twitter.  You can search for things or browse the directory to find people who tweet about the topics you are interested in. This is a WebProNews service.

Twellow, the First Twitter Directory Adds Features
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Twellow is expanding nicely into different areas of Twitter-related usefulness. Today a new feature was launched, which allows you to search among your own friends and followers.

The Top Twitter Applications
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There are quite a few popular Twitter-based applications around the web. But which ones are the most popular? TechCrunch put together a list of the Top 21 Twitter Applications (According to Compete). They looked at unique monthly visitor data from Compete for the month of January to come up with their list. Here are the first ten:

New Twellow Feature Increases Usability
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Twellow introduced a new feature today that allows users to easily follow and unfollow Twitterers directly from the Twellow interface. Whereas in the past, you would have had to clicked through to a user’s Twitter page to do so.

Would Twitter Charge You for Friends?
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Making money wasn’t always the greatest concern for the founders of Twitter. It’s success in terms of business interest practically came by accident, mirroring the thoughts of this post from Shomemoney.

You’re Safe with Twellow

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone recently talked about some phishing issues going on with Twitter on its official blog. "If you receive a direct message or a direct message email notification that redirects to what looks like Twitter.com—don’t sign in," warned Stone. "Look closely at the URL because it could be a scam." Doug reported:

Easing the Search for Twitterers
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Twellow, our tool that has made finding fellow Twitterers with common interests easier for a number of users has just made searching for these people even more convenient. You can add special characters to your queries to enhance your search.

If you are unfamiliar with Twellow, think about it as a yellow-pages service for finding people on Twitter.  You can search for things or browse the directory to find people who tweet about the topics you are interested in.

Canadians Can Now Find Their Neighbors on Twitter
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Last week we launched TwellowHood, part of our popular Twellow service, and a way to find people who are on Twitter by the cities they live in. This lets you find out who close to you is using Twitter, and can lead to you making some connections with locals that you may not have otherwise.

Is Your Neighbor On Twitter?
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Wouldn’t it be nice to find people in your own neighborhood who are on Twitter? One thing Twitter lacks is a good way to communicate with the locals. Twitterers are often wanting to get together in the physical world for business networking, or even just to hang out. Wouldn’t this be a lot easier if you had some Twitter friends that were already close by?

Find Twitterer Locations on Twellow Maps

Our Twellow development team is cranking out the features lately. Just the other day, we announced the "Twellow Pulse" feature, which allows users to track what people are saying about categories of their choosing.

Check Your Pulse with Twellow

Our own Twellow service, which serves as something of a yellow pages directory for Twitter, has added a new feature called "Twellow Pulse." It is designed to give you an idea of the status, or "pulse", of what’s going on at any given time within each its categories. Twellow Pulse does the following:

More Twitter Services Emerge
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You have Twellow as sort of a "Yellow Pages" for Twitter. Now today Robert Balousek has released Twintro, a new tool for finding "interesting" Twitterers.

From the sounds of it, you just get to read tweets from someone that Twintro deems interesting. Balousek describes it on his blog:

What The Web Needs Now: A Profile of Profiles
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Last week, Exxon had a weird situation on its hands: a fan set up an "official" Twitter profile and tweeted on behalf of the company. Suddenly, there are two mysteries: In $4.00 per gallon gas world, how does Exxon still have fans? And how can we ever be sure a person online is who they say they are?