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Breaking Down Twitter’s New Homepage
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On Tuesday, we told you about the launch of Twitter’s new homepage. The revamped design sports a sleek look that is pretty easy on the eye. But, once you get past the pleasing aesthetics, you’ll also see that Twitter has added a search capability and popular topics, which in turn could mean an influx of Twitterers.

Twitter Poetry: William Shatner Recites Sarah Palin’s Tweets
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On Wednesday nights airing of "The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien", viewers were treated with some poetry. But, not just any poetry… William Shatner read poetry. Oh, and I forgot to mention, the poems were actually tweets from former Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin.

Twitter Client HootSuite 2.0 Now Available
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Twitter desktop clients have become increasingly popular over the first half of this year. One of the more popular ones, HootSuite, has released an "early upgrade" to version 2.0. Sure, it all sounds good, but there’s a catch… users must "tweet their way to an early upgrade".

HootSuite 2.0 Upgrade

Twitter Launches New Homepage Design
· 14

This past Friday we told you about the new Twitter homepage that was just days away. Well,  now @Biz has updated the Twitter blog informing us that the new design has been launched.

New Twitter homepage

Tweet Lawsuit: Horizon Realty Issues A Statement
· 8

Just before lunch today, we told you about the Chicago based realty company who had filed a lawsuit against a former tenant for $50,000. News of the lawsuit spread quickly around the Internet, but when Horizon’s Jeffrey Michael was quoted saying, "We’re a sue first, ask questions later kind of an organization" things reached a boiling point on Twitter.

TwitViewer A Possible Phishing Scam
· 6

Want to see the last 200 visitors on your Twitter page? Sounds pretty intriguing doesn’t it? But as the old saying goes… "If it looks too good to be true, it probably is".

CAUTION: TwitViewer is a possible phishing scam.

Chicago Resident Sued Over Moldy Tweet
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UPDATE: Horizon Realty, the company suing their former tenant over a tweet, is now a trending topic on Twitter. Some Twitterers feel the company has effectively killed their reputation. What do you think?

Twitter Phasing Out The Term Updates In Favor Of Tweets
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Twitter has changed the word "updates" to "tweets" on user profiles. Though the change seems insignificant, it’s the first time the famed microblogging site has used the term "tweet" on their site.

Twitter changes updates to tweets

Does Retweeting Praise For Yourself Mean You Have A Big Ego?

Last night on Twitter, I saw a pretty high-profile user retweet a message he’d received from one of his connections. It was high praise about this person, and was retweeted verbatim with no changes to the text.

My initial reaction to that was to ask the following question to the Twittersphere:

Facebook Testing New “Penguin FB” Twitter App?
· 10

Recently Facebook engineer Blake Ross tweeted a test message from a mysterious Twitter app called "Penguin FB" which resides on Facebook’s development servers. Now the question is, what exactly is Penguin FB?

Do you think Twitter is building an official Twitter app? Tell us what you think.

Sony Ericsson Announces New Products Via Twitter and Facebook
· 1

UPDATE: Well, Sony Ericsson has made the announcement and it looks like those of you hoping for the Rachael will be sadly disappointed.

The two products they’ve announced are the C905a Cyber-shot camera phone and the W518a Walkman phone, both of which are coming to AT&T.

Twitter Applying To Have ‘Tweet’ Trademarked

Twitter is attempting to gain some kind of control of the use of "Twitter" and "Tweet" in a way that reminds me of Google’s attempt back in 2006.

Twitter Uncomfortable With ‘Tweet’ Being Used In Third Party Apps

Looks like Twitter is not looking the other way as much these days. TechCrunch reports that there is some concern at the social networking company that developers are using the term ‘Tweet’ too much. Twitter, in fact, is claiming that the use of that trademark in the naming of any third party app is something they are ‘uncomfortable’ with.

The Changing Landscape of Twitter

A study was released today, conducted by inbound marketing company HubSpot, which looked at 4.5 million Twitter users over a nine month period.

Twitter Users Not Using Twitter
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Are you one of those people who have a Twitter account, but doesn’t use it? If so, you’re not alone. Fresh statistics from the prestigious Harvard Business Review reveals that most Twitter account holders hardly every Tweet, retweet, follow, or are followed.

Twitter’s Plan For Reality TV, Or Not

UPDATE: Looks like there won’t be a Twitter TV show.

Twitter Looking To Tweet Its Way Into The World Of Search

 Twitter is always making news.

Tweeting vs. Disclaimer Laws

Today the WSJ tells the tale of eBay and its foray into social media that began in April 2008 with a blog then quickly moved to the world of tweets and tweeple in Twitter. The author of much of the content, Richard Brewer-Hay, spent most of the past year pretty well ‘on his own’ with what he was writing in both vehicles then the corporate version of a buzzkill took place.

Oprah Looks To Dominate Twitter

Oprah does everything in a big way. She affects book sales in ways that make publishers drool. She gains a lot of weight then she loses a lot of weight. She can make someone go from just living in a household to being a household name. She certainly has a pop culture Midas touch of sorts so recently she lent that power to none other than the folks at Twitter.

Twitter Your Way To A Pizza Hut Internship

While it may look like some kind of prank and serves to continue the “twitterification” of the English language,pizza-hut-logo Pizza Hut is hiring a ‘Twintern’ for the summer.

Older Generations Are Flocking To Twitter

The folks at comScore put some numbers to what everyone already suspects. Twitter traffic is growing at a very rapid rate. What may surprise some are the people that are leading the charge. They also say that the March numbers to be released in the next week will raise some eyebrows as well.