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Twilight Is Back, and Coming to a … Facebook Near You

Twilight isn’t dead, y’all. Like its sparkly subject matter, the series lives eternal – and will be coming to a Facebook news feed near you. Lionsgate has partnered with Facebook, the non-profit Women In Film, and crowdsourcing platform Tongal to produce a handful of original shorts “based on a broad spectrum of characters from the Twilight universe, with guidance provided …

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Twitter Fun: Kurt Cobain Or Justin Bieber

To most music aficionados, this isn’t much of a question. Cobain wins by landslide. Of course, there aren’t a great many music aficionados on Twitter, or at least, they aren’t as outspoken as the Bielibers are. Take, for instance, the following genius tweet made by someone who calls herself Amanda Bieber (@MandaSwaggie–no link; copy and paste if you’d like). As …

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Tween Girls are Smitten with Online Gaming

Once upon a time, when the world was ruled by arcades, Atari 2600s, and the adventures of something called Zork, the world of video games was pretty much a boy’s club. Whenever a potential girlfriend discovered that I spent a large amount of my free time helping Pac-Man satisfy his insatiable appetite for shifty ghosts and power pellets, my chances …

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