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Captain America: Is Nick Fury Out of Here?

Going by Samuel L. Jackson’s usual pace, maybe one of the hardest working actors has forty more roles to play in the next two years and needed to bow out of the upcoming sequels– from the looks of the newest Captain America TV spot, Jackson’s character Nick Fury might be headed for that Great Eyepatch In the Sky in the …

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New TV Spot for “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues”

In the new spot for the eagerly-awaited sequel we get a glimpse of how Ron Burgundy is cutting in the so-called “big leagues” of the 24-hour news network world. One who may not be handling so well is Brick (Steve Carrell). We also get to see the dynamic of Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell) versus fellow anchor Jack Lime (James Marsden), …

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The Dark Knight Rises Gets a New TV Spot

Last week we showed you two new TV spots from the Dark Knight Rises. Well, over the weekend, we got another one: I like that each one of them shows different scenes, instead of mixing the existing ones up in a different way. Granted, some of the scenes are the same, but they do make an effort to include different …

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