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Smart TVs Expected to be in Sales Majority in China

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), TV manufacturers focused on two features that they hope will sell their devices in the stagnating TV market. One is ultra HD (UHD) TV, an increased resolution that is predicted to become popular, but only when prices for UHD displays drop for the consumer market and a corresponding wealth of 4K content is …

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4K TV Market Predicted to Take Off Next Year

Now that the 3D TV movement is essentially dead, manufacturers are pushing 4K TV as the next big reason for consumers to buy a new TV. With 4K content almost nonexistent and 4K TV sets priced far higher than similar-sized HDTV units, those manufacturers haven’t had much luck yet. Next year could be the tipping point, though, if a new …

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4K TV Adoption Coming Along Slowly

With 3D TV a bust, the TV industry now set to contract for the second year in a row. With established markets now content with their current HDTV sets, TV manufacturers are looking for 4K TV to be the next set-selling technology. Unfortunately for those manufacturers, it will take years for 4K TV to become a real player in the …

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TV Sales to Drop For Second Year in a Row

With 3D TV sets a failure and 4K TV content virtually nonexistent, TV manufacturers are offering nothing new to consumers this fall. Add in the fact that flat-panel and smart TV adoption has reached saturation levels in established markets, and manufacturers can look forward to a disappointing holiday quarter this year. Market research firm IHS today released its prediction for …

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TV Sales Expected to Decline This Holiday Season

HDTV sets are now ubiquitous throughout the U.S., with high quality, low cost sets available at retail locations across the country. While good for consumers, manufacturers are now scrambling to find a way to get consumers to spend money on TV hardware more often than once every handful of years. The jump to 4K could provide the needed boost for …

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