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Keith Olbermann to Host MLB Show on Cable Keith Olbermann to Host MLB Show on Cable

Turner Broadcasting today announced that veteran news anchor Keith Olbermann will be hosting postseason Major League Baseball (MLB) coverage on TBS later this year. Olbermann will host the cable TV station’s studio show along with MLB hall-of-famer Dennis Eckersley. In …

‘Push to Add Drama’ TNT Viral Campaign Gets a Sequel

Remember when TNT launched in Benelux with that really cool ad campaign that set up a big, red button int he middle of a town square? It said “push to add drama,” and when pushed, set a massive series of …

Push The Red Button To Add Drama In This TNT Ad
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TNT knows drama, at least according to their catchphrase. If “drama” includes ambulances, bikini-clad girls on motorcycles, fistfights, bloody shootouts, and tire-screeching getaways, then yes, TNT does indeed know drama. Turner Broadcasting just launched their new TNT cable channel in …

Turner, Nascar Extend Website Agreement

Do you enjoy watching cars drive in circles – sorry, ovals – 200 times?  Do you enjoy keeping track of the activity online?  If so, you’ll be glad to hear that Turner Broadcasting has extended a contract to keep Nascar.com running.