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Did You Get Your Google Analytics Invitation Code?

Google Analytics expert, and good friend, Tim Seward, has launched the Unofficial Google Analytics blog.

Turn Your Email Sign-Off Into Results: Seven-Step Checklist for Success

Okie dokie. The basics. What exactly is an email sign-off?

Can Blogs Turn a Film Into a Blockbuster?

Joss Whedon, whose “Firefly” TV series didn’t last a season, convinced a studio to produce a feature-length motion picture based on the series when DVD sales went through the roof.

Turn Harmful 404 Error Pages Into Helpful 301 Redirects
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It’s a fact, Page Not Found, known as a 404 error, can harm your website Ranking with Search Engines as well as being a Turn-Off for Visitors.

e-Tailers Turn to Blogs

Online merchants – e-tailers – have taken to the blogosphere, according to a New York Times article from Bob Tedeschi.

Google May Turn Home Page Into RSS Reader

According to this FAQ, Google may turn its new personalized home page into an RSS reader…

Turn Down That iPod

The mass adoption of personal digital music players may be the harbinger of widespread hearing problems.

Boeing and Lockheed Martin Settle Differences and Create JV

Boeing and Lockheed Martin are teaming up to make rockets for the United States military.

Intel Takes a Wrong Turn on Dual Core Highway

Here’s the cold, hard truth. Careful, it stings a bit. Intel, though seeming to finish first in the release of multicore processing, rushed itself to the market on the wrong racetrack.

Oil Prices Take Another Turn

Oil prices went back down 3% after the International Energy Agency said that demand is slowing.

Auto Sales Take A Turn For the Better

Auto sales have been disappointing lately to say the least, but last month 1.6 million new cars and trucks were purchased in the U.S.

Durable Goods Orders Turn Around

Durable goods orders in the United States increased 0.3% last month, after dropping the previous month.

The Goal: Turn Microsoft Into A “We” Company

Fred, at A VC, says: “Microsoft is the poster child for a “they” company.” If there’s something that gets me mad it’s when I hear this.

Turn Spider Traps into Spider Food

Some web pages on your website may not be listed in the search engines, even when you have submitted your website for inclusion. This is because dynamic pages cause the spiders give up and go home.

Emerging Artists Turn to MP3 Blogs for Marketing

Independent musicians are looking to blogs as a powerful avenue for music promotion, top-40charts.com reports.

Coffee Table Blogs

Just when you think you’ve seen everything, here’s a new service called BlogBinders that turns your blog into a bound printed book.

Turn Readers Into Buyers

Oh yes, I know you have read the above phrase umpteen times in all those “killer copy” articles but let me tell you something, you like it or not, what you write is what you get. If your website content is good, you do good business and if your website content is crappy, well, you get my point.

The 9 Most Powerful Leverage Points to Turn Website Visitors into Customers

High traffic counts are a worthless statistic unless it adds to your bottom line.

How to Turn Idea Squashers into Possibilities

Managing a small business continues to become more challenging. However, history has shown that resourceful business owners will succeed. They will prosper, turning disadvantages into advantages by thinking creatively.

Never Turn Down a Link Almost

There was a time when link building meant finding only high PageRank links that used no forms of tracking, but now, free high PR links are extremely difficult to find, and more and more webmasters are using various tracking techniques.

4 Softly-Whispered Secrets to Write A Solution-Savvy Sales Letter to Turn Prospective Clients into Paying Clients

Too many sales letters are shaped into paper airplanes and flown into trash cans because freelancers write sales letters that sell their services. These freelancers have never listened to the quietly- whispered secret that says their sales letters should sell solutions, not services, to yield the best results.