Striking Writers Turn To Internet

Striking Writers Turn To Internet

By WebProNews Staff December 17, 2007

The ongoing fight between the Writers Guild of America and Hollywood studios will lead to some of them exploring the possibilities of the Internet for their work.

Google Says It’s Time To Turn Japanese

Phone and cable companies are losing the Net Neutrality debate, and losing it badly. And Google’s Washington Telecom and Media Counsel Richard Whitt doesn’t mind pointing that out.

Fake Steve Jobs Hunt Takes Creepy Turn

It has elements of mystery, the tenets of paparazzi defense, and the feeling of a prank gone too far. In a blogosphere-wide attempt to unmask blogebrity – well, it may not be an exaggeration to call him/her a cyber cult leader – Fake Steve Jobs, digital espionage has turned a fun cat-and-mouse game into something Fake Steve calls "creepy."

Yahoo, eBay Turn Out Toolbar

It’s not elegantly named, but it’s here nonetheless: eBay Toolbar Featuring Yahoo! has been released.

Yahoo To Turn Away From Search?

When a little kid loses, what does he do?  He cries, screams, and – hopefully those checkers won’t scratch the wall – he hates the game.  Now, I’m not accusing Yahoo of crying or screaming, but the company may not love search as much as it used to – one exec, Tapan Bhat, said, “Search is no longer the dominant paradigm.”

Yahoo To Turn Away From Search?
“Yahoo To Turn Away From Search?”
Yahoo To Turn Away From Search?

Did Doubleclick Turn Down Microsoft Money?

John Battelle reports that Microsoft was actually offering more money than Google was for Doubleclick and that Doubleclick went with Google anyway.

Comment Spam, Long Copy Referrer Pages & SEO Tools

Just about everyone knows that spam is part and parcel of life. We just live with it and try to do our best to minimise the impact it has on our daily lives. Unfortunately spam is a particular issue for the SEO industry, as unscrupulous search marketers often turn to spamming techniques to make a quick dollar.

Turn Your Blog into a Widget

I love it when developers come out with cool, fun stuff and what is more fun than a “widget.” I mean, even the name connotes fun.

No one can deny that the web is being widgetized. That is particularly true of blogs. Typepad has dozens of them, as does WordPress. I just found a site called Widgetbox that allows you to turn your blog into a widget using an easy 1-2-3 step wizard. The beauty of this idea is that it allows your content to be syndicated on other blogs.

Google Takes Wrong Turn In Australia

The good news: Google has finally launched an Australia-specific version of Google Maps. The bad news: the service gives terrible directions. Also, Google kind of forgot to mention the release to Australia.

What Do You Know About Your Marketing Results?

My co-founder at HubSpot, Brian Halligan, posted an interesting article today on our partner blog titled “Advanced Internet Marketing: Turn The Pareto Principle On Its Head“.

Turn.com Challenging Googles AdSense

A new ad network called Turn has launched, and it’s hoping to bring some sophisticated technology to the contextual advertising space.

My Turn At The Top Table

Just after lunch, and just starting the afternoon sessions. Running quite a bit late – try to serve a three-course lunch to so many people in only an hour is the culprit.

Using Landing Pages to Turn Visitors into Buyers

When a prospective client uses the internet to search for a product, he or she usually types a keyword or a phrase into a search engine and uses the results to find what he or she desires. If your ad is among those listings, you therefore have a much better shot at having prospective clients visit your website to find out what information you have, and what you are offering.

Small Businesses Turn to Local Advertising

The WSJ looks at how small companies are turning to local ad solutions in order to spread the word at lower cost.

Feds Turn Iraq Documents Over To Bloggers

The US government is becoming increasingly blog savvy in the way they handle PR.

Former AltaVista Exec to Launch Ad Network

BusinessWeek reports Jim Barnett – former exec at Altavista and Overture – is planning to launch a next generation advertising network called Turn.

Against Google AdSense Referrals

WebMarketingNews quotes Mark Wallace, who says regarding Google’s AdSense referral program, “Turn it down“. Why?