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Netflix Announces 3 New DreamWorks Originals

Netflix and DreamWorks Animation just announced three new original series to debut on Netflix later this year: King Jullen, Puss In Boots and Veggie Tales in the House. King Jullen is the lemur from the Madagascar films, and is getting his own series. Puss In Boots, made famous by the Shrek films, and then his own movie, is as well. …

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Netflix Defends Content Release Strategy

Since Netflix has been offering its customers original shows, it has been offering them full seasons at a time, catering to the well-known binge-watching phenomenon. Netflix’s competitors have often criticized this approach, and when the company changed the strategy up a little bit late last year with the launch of Turbo FAST, some questioned whether the company was straying from …

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Netflix’s ‘Turbo FAST’ Gets A Trailer, Release Date

Back in February, Netflix announced a partnership with DreamWorks Animation that would see the release of the original kids series Turbo FAST in this month. The show is based on the character from the movie Turbo. Netflix has now released a trailer for the series, and revealed that the first five episodes will debut on Christmas Eve. More episodes will …

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