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Financial Aid: Simple Tips That Help

If you are going to college, you will want to apply for financial aid. Some high school guidance counselors and teachers will help you apply before you even graduate high school, but if you didn’t get any help, you might …

Teen Who Sued Parents Denied Support

The eighteen-year-old girl who sued her parents for child support and tuition has lost her case. The judge’s reasoning for denying her support was that the case, if won, would set a bad precedent on limits for parenting, which could …

Utah Student Pays Tuition in $1 Bills

Luq Mughal, a 21 year old engineering student at the University of Utah, decided he’d had enough with the high cost of college tuition. So earlier this week he sent the powers that be a message by paying every dollar …

Oregon May Soon Begin Tuition-Free College Plan
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ABC News is reporting that the Oregon state legislature has unanimously approved a plan to provide free tuition to students while they attend community college and public university. The groundbreaking plan is designed to help students hit by the recent …

Canadian Pays Off Entire Student Loan in Cash
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Stop me if you’ve had this dream before: Armed with pockets stuffed to overflowing with cash, you stroll into the bank that handled your student loan, slap those sweaty wads of paper currency on the proverbial barrelhead, and walk away …

File-Sharing Could Get University Funding Cut?
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So as state-funded university tuition rises faster than the inflation rate, grants are becoming nonexistent, and students are actually looking abroad to complete their education cheaper and in half the time, Congressmen cozy with the RIAA are threatening to cut their funding more if they don’t play ball with the recording labels.

How to Dull the Sting of Increasing Tuition Costs

At a time when unemployment is high, personal income is flat, and college-level education is a requirement for most well-paying jobs, public colleges continue to become less affordable for students and families.

Partners in Skill Development? Tuition Reimbursement is Old News

“You don’t go to school once in a lifetime; you are in school all of your life. That’s why they call graduation ‘commencement’ – it’s just the beginning.” Harvey MacKay author of “Swim With the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive”