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See The Japan Earthquake / Tsunami Damage Through Before & After Street View See The Japan Earthquake / Tsunami Damage Through Before & After Street View

Back in March, a devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami caused massive damage to a large part of eastern Japan. A few months later, Google announced that they would be driving their Street View cars around, taking photos of the damage. …

Earthquake and Tsunami Searchers Targeted By Malware
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You have probably heard about the Indonesian Earthquake that took place last night, claiming the lives of many. Shameless cybercriminals have not wasted anytime exploiting the disaster targeting people around the world who search for information on the subject.

World Textiles Awash in Chinese Tsunami

With the expiration of the WTO”s 30-year-old Multi-Fiber Agreement (MFA) last January, Chinese textile exports threaten competitive industries world wide.

PubSub Monitoring Quakes

PubSub is one of those companies looking to be at the cutting-edge of search, blog feeds and information monitoring (they continuously scan over 8 million blogs and over 50,000 newsgroups).

The Blog’s Role in the Tsunami Aftermath

BlogPulse just published an analysis of the role of the blog in the aftermath of the tsunami.

Google Search and Picasa: Where to Now?

Google’s known for developing great services without necessarily knowing how they’re going to monitize them.

Tsunami Help Wiki for Broadcasters Launched

Launched yesterday – Broadcasters-Tsunamihelp, a new wiki-based portal that aims to ensure there is coordination between broadcasters and non-governmental organizations …

Phishers, Email Viruses Exploit Tsunami Disaster

Adding insult to injury, virus writers and online phishing scammers have started exploiting efforts for the Tsunami aid for malicious means.

Tsunami Response: The Power Of The Human Voice

The developments here in Sweden in relation to the tsunami disaster tells us a lot about the importance of a human voice.

The Inadequacies of Current Copyright Laws

So bloggers are firmly among the guilty in the area of ignoring copyright: ” Bloggers, in general, have little respect for copyright laws and tend to snatch and grab anything out there as “theirs”.

Watch Out For Tsunami Relief Email Scams

The millions of dollars donated by individuals to relief efforts in Southeast Asia have brought criminals and scammers out of the woodwork, US government agencies and private anti-fraud groups warned last week, Internetworld.com reported.

Tsunami Agony For Sweden Continues

While pledges for financial aid continue to mount in the aftermath of the Asian earthquake and tsunami two weeks ago, the nightmare continues for millions of people in South Asia …

Donations Pouring In For Tsunami Relief

News about fundraising efforts for victims of the the tsunami disaster tends to be focused on what’s happening in countries like the US, the UK, Australia, Japan, the EU as a whole, etc.

Tsunami Shakes Up Shrimp Industry

The US International Trade Commission may reconsider reviewing shrimp anti-dumping penalties for Thailand and India, based on tsunami damage.

Tsunami May Have A Profound Effect On Blogs

A very good analysis in the Guardian newsblog on the role blogs have played in the Asia tsunami disaster and the long-term catalyzing effect this will have on the significance of blogs in the future …

Search Engine Generates Funds for Tsunami Relief

To generate funds for the Southeast Asian Earthquake/Tsunami relief effort, PPC search engine ReliefSearch.org has launched with all proceeds going toward the cause.

Blogs Can Help Keep the Awareness Alive

This morning, I was reading Evelyn Rodriguez’ latest posts in Crossroads Dispatches following her safe return home.

The Tragedy Really Begins To Unfold via Blogs

Reviewing my various RSS feeds, I’m literally taken aback by the sheer volume of commentaries about the Asia earthquake/tsunamis disaster by bloggers.

Tsunami Relief: Spreading the Word

Internet.com reports on the bloggers who are quickly spreading information on the relief efforts to aid countries devastated by yesterday’s massive quake and tsunami.

Ask Jeeves Teams with American Red Cross to Aid Hurricane Victims
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100 Percent of Profits from Searches on redcross.ask.com to Be Donated to the Red Cross’ Disaster Relief Fund.