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Can You Trust Wikipedia?

Trust – reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing; confidence.

How confident are you that a particular Wikipedia page has reliable information? How sure are you in the ability of all the people who may have edited that page? Thanks to Luca de Alfaro and colleagues at the University of California, Santa Cruz you may soon be able to know which parts of a given Wikipedia page you can and can’t trust.

Wikipedia Gets Grub
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You may not have heard of Grub, but the Web crawler company was just acquired by Wikia.  And now Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia and co-founder of Wikia, thinks he may “change the balance of power from the search companies back to the publishers.”

Consumers Trust The Internet For Health Info

Seventy-five percent of consumers said they view the Internet as their most trusted source for gathering medical and drug information according to Prospectiv’s 2007 Pharmaceutical Marketing poll.

How To Dump The Link Sluts

Though the future is still uncertain for the overall importance of links, the quantity and quality of inbound links, for rankings, they are, for the time being, the surest way to improve search engine rankings. Aside, of course, from great content.

Would You Trust Business Domains Registered via Proxy?
Someone recently left a comment on my blog promoting a new keyword research tool that is registered via proxy. The competitive analysis keyword research tool has been marketed heavily via comment spam, and currently shows itself as bidding on 0 keywords, per its own competitive measures. The site gives no data about who owns it. Could it appear any less legitimate?

Wikipedia Does Well In Global Warming Searches
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According to some people, global warming may have catastrophic effects on the world around us.  But in the meantime, it’s doing Wikipedia a lot of good – the site is receiving tons of traffic from that term.

Suze Orman Gives Finance Advice At eBay Live
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Financial expert, best-selling author and columnist Suze Orman spoke at eBay Live today, outlining a hit-list of personal finance tips. Orman’s advice centers on credit scores, retirement accounts, investments, real estate, life insurance, and wills.

Suze Orman At eBay Live!
Suze Orman At eBay Live!
Finding Online Sources To Trust

In the United States and the United Kingdom, a couple of librarian-driven resources show just how potent informational sites with vetted content can be for Internet users. Resource Shelf’s Gary Price tells us more.

Use Your Blog to Build Trust

Rand just put up a post about The Vast Ocean Between Shoemoney & SEOmoz and Why You Should Be Able To Trust Blog Links. Other than the fact that he singled me out in it, I think it’s a great post. I started to write this post as a comment on SEOmoz, but it just got way too long.

Conversion Improvement Resources
While looking for information on PPC management, I’ve found an interesting number of resources about improving conversions.

While many of these are focused on the PPC market, the organic SEO’s like myself ignore these at our peril.

Honesty and Business Success
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If you are lucky, your parents have taught you to always be honest with people. Or you want to do that on your own. Nowadays, being honest in business will always mean that you will get better business in the long run.

Why be honest?

In business, being honest means that you will inform anyone you are communicating of an objective, true state of things about you. This will not only set the right level of expectations with the other person (hopefully), but will consequently make it clear for you, whether the person is ready to do business with you.

Domain Names & Defensible Traffic

Andy Hagans recently posted about his linkbait marathon strategy to rank his sites at the top of the search results. Brian Provost posted about his love for domaining. Domain names may play a big roll not only in anchor text, but also in overall domain credibility, linkability, and defensibility.

Are You Overdelivering?

Unfortunately, not many business owners thoroughly consider, whether their customers are pleased with their products, as long as they are their customers.

Is the client satisfied or absolutely thrilled to be yours? This can be a great difference, right? That’s why it is important to ensure that you do anything to make your customers happy to ensure most of them become your repeat clients and bring more people to your business.

Why make customers happy?

Signs of a Low Quality Website

Webmasterworld recently had a good thread about signs of low quality websites. The less a person knows about your topic the more likely they are to rely on general signs of quality (or lack of) when consider if they should link at your site or not.

Why We Can’t Trust Click Fraud Numbers
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Back in December, I caused a little bit of a ruckus when I posted information from Google that suggested click fraud rates were a fraction of a percent.

Google Custom SEs Another Trust Source

Recently Bambi Fransisco asked Googler Peter Norvig about using wikis in search, in response to Wikia’s search threat.

Trust – The Most Important Online value

Once done with creating and improving a website, you can very well spend your time on improving your online business.

High Quality Relevant Links & the Trust Box

I have seen two great posts about link building in the past few days. One of these is by Jim Boykin on the limitations of link bait, and the other is by Eric Ward at the Search Engine Land blog about the "Circle of Trust".

Searching for Trust

Blake Ross of Mozilla chides Google for giving preferential placement to their own apps as “Tips” in search results.

Techniques for Gaining Consumer Trust

When speaking of website optimization practices, it is often associated with SEO and the goal of achieving high search rankings. While this certainly is important to a site’s overall visibility, gaining and retaining user trust should also be a primary focus of any company looking to bolster its virtual presence.

Finding the Strongest Links

Given that many large brands and mainstream media sites are trying to leverage their brand strength by adding interactive content to their sites and every SEO blog in the world (and some from distant universes) have posts about leveraging social media and buidling trust with link baiting, it is probably a pretty safe bet to think that Google is going to be forced away from trusting core domain related trust…and it is going to have to get even better at filtering link quality as well.

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