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Truffles: Oprah Loves Them, You Will Too

Truffles may seem like a strange and unique food to some people, but to those who have tried them, they are a delicacy. Many truffle lovers will admit that they are addicted to the texture and taste of truffles, and Oprah recently admitted that she keeps her truffles close to her at all times. “I’m a truffle freak,” she said …

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Truffles Are Oprah’s Food Obsession

Truffles, those tasty little fungi, are what makes Oprah drool. “I’m a truffle freak,” she said of her fungus obsession. “I walk around with truffle salt. That’s on my rider for the hotels — truffle salt, truffle oil. I want to go to Alba [in Italy] and do the truffle hunt with the pigs.” Hmmm. Hunting with pigs. Sounds fun. …

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