New Report Shows Top Holiday Gadget Complaints

New Report Shows Top Holiday Gadget Complaints

By Shaylin Clark January 11, 2012

FixYa, a website specializing in troubleshooting Q&A for electronic devices, has released a report showing the top problems people had with their gadgets over the 2011 holiday season. The data from the FixMas Holiday Report was gathered by examining the …

Troubleshooting Mistakes

The very first part of troubleshooting is identifying the problem. That’s not always easy even for skilled professionals.

Troubleshooting Directly Connected Serial Interfaces

CCNA exam success depends largely on noticing the details, and this is especially true of configurations involving directly connected serial interfaces.

Configuring And Troubleshooting VTP

Not only is your CCNA exam going to have questions on VLAN trunking protocol, almost any network that has more than one VLAN is going to have VTP running.

Troubleshooting Route Redistribution

If theres one CCNP / BSCI topic that looks so easy but can lead to a real headache, its route redistribution.

Google AdSense Troubleshooting Available

New users of Google’s AdSense system now have a handy multimedia guide to help navigate common issues.

Tracking & Troubleshooting for Increased Sales

So many times, online business owners are confused about where their sales come from. They think they are helpless after a visitor arrives at their site. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Troubleshooting: Preserve the scene
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You’ve seen it on television or in the movies: important evidence is lost at a crime scene because someone wasn’t careful enough to preserve it.

Maintaining and Troubleshooting Your Laptop Battery

The actual life of a laptop battery will vary with computer usage habits. For most users, it is not uncommon to experience differences in battery life, of anywhere from just under one hour to over two hours in each sitting. If you are experiencing shorter battery life cycles, say 10 to 15 minutes, it may not yet be time to order that new battery.

Computer Safe Mode Troubleshooting

If your computer is acting very sluggish,and you have tried to reboot (fully shutting it off for at least one minute and then re-starting), but it won’t start up correctly (if at all) – you can try to straighten it out by opting for it to start in “safe mode” – it will be limited in what you can do, but it will allow you to troubleshoot and perhaps save some data.

Troubleshooting IncrediMail
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Question: I have lost some of my displays in my IncrediMail program, which are just jpeg files made into stationery. I cannot see the pictures, it is like everything has shifted to the left and down, and the pictures are out of my view. In some e-mails I recieve I cannot see the pictures.

Why is my system so slow?

This is not a performance tuning article. If your system is always slow, this article may not be what you are looking for. I’ll be covering some general performance related issues here, but the main focus is for the system that was running fine yesterday but is sucking mud today. The typical response to such problems is “Reboot it”, and while that may indeed fix the problem, it does not address the root cause, so you are likely to have the situation again.

Save Troubleshooting Time! Driver & Operating System Disks

After dealing with this for 3 times in the last few weeks, it deserves a mention. I troubleshoot & repair computers, and it is difficult to get the job done in a timely way unless this point is addressed:

What Happened? Troubleshooting Poor Response from Ad Campaigns

Too many small business owners today run ad campaigns that get little to no results, and they have no idea why. When you have the knowledge to troubleshoot the poor responses, you also have the knowledge to make the needed changes so that – next time – your sales improve! Let’s take a look at the breakdown of an ad campaign, and how to determine what went wrong.

Web Design Troubleshooting Guide

Getting your web site to look right can sometimes be a hair-pulling experience. Even for professional web designers! I can only imagine how frustrated many newbies can get.

Let me share with you some of the common problems in designing a well-functioning web site. If you haven’t made these mistakes yet – trust me: you will! Keep this troubleshooting guide handy for when you need it.

Simple Network Troubleshooting

I know that working from the command line can be intimidating to those of us who have always had a nice graphical interface to use. I am convinced, however, once you see how easy to use and effective the following tools are, you will be hooked. Even if you are an old pro, read on. You may find a use for one of these tools that you had not before considered.

Quick Troubleshooting Tips

In my years of PC troubleshooting, I’ve corrected many perplexing problems and I’ve corrected many problems that are more run-of-the-mill. I decided to make available to you this list of common problems and solutions to help you with your own troubleshooting efforts.

Common Problems For Beginners
Here are a few of the most common complaints and ways to resolve them: