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Identical Quadruplets To Stay in NICU for a While

Identical quadruplets were born on February 8 to Kimberly and Craig Fugate, who were surprised to learn that the 42-year-old was pregnant to begin with. The couple was really shocked to learn that the doctor expected triplets. Then the diaper hit the fan when they were in the delivery room, delivering what they thought were triplets at 13 weeks premature. …

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Rare White Lion Triplets Born in Poland

White lion triplets have been born at a private zoo in Poland. The head of the zoo in Borysew, Andrzej Pabich, says that the lions’ mother, 2 ½ year old white lioness Azira, has accepted the cubs and has been patiently feeding and caring for them. Their father, 3 ½ year old Sahim, also a white lion, lives in a …

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Identical Triplets Beat the Odds

One baby is a miracle. Two is a surprise. And three? Well, three is just simply amazing. Karen and Ian Gilbert already had one beautiful child, Faye, and when they found out that Karen was pregnant again they were very excited. They assumed that they would only be having one baby, and the thought never crossed their minds that they …

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