Google Rivals Launch ‘Focus On The User’ Site

Google Rivals Launch ‘Focus On The User’ Site

By Chris Crum September 29, 2014

Another group of Google rival companies (separate from FairSearch) has sprung up with a new site aimed at shaping the EU opinion on Google’s business practices when it comes to competition. The site is called “Focus on the User,” and …

Find Out What Your Friends Have Been Doing Find Out What Your Friends Have Been Doing

TripAdvisor has been teaming up with Facebook to help millions of travelers plan the best trip of their life by featuring recommendations from their FB friends. The decision was based off of a Nielsen research study,”U.S. Advertising Spend and Effectiveness,” …

iPad 3 Rumor: Retina Display Proving A Challenge For Manufacturers iPad 3 Rumor: Retina Display Proving A Challenge For Manufacturers
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We’ve been hearing rumors for months that the next generation of the iPad is going to sport a super-high resolution, amazingly dense Retina Display, similar to what graces the iPhone 4S. And the fact that this will exist on a …

TripAdvisor’s Email List Breached TripAdvisor’s Email List Breached
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TripAdvisor, one of the top travel review websites around, released a statement today that warns its members of a security breach that allowed the theft of a portion of their email list.  How large of a portion they don’t say, …

TripAdvisor Adds Street View To iPad App

TripAdvisor has added a new virtual tours feature to its iPad app using augmented reality technology.

The new feature allows users to take a virtual tour to travel destinations with local places superimposed over Google’s Street View. Users can view hotels, restaurants and other attractions.

TripAdvisor Introduces Airline Ratings To Flight Search

TripAdvisor said today it has introduced airline ratings to its flight search engine.

The new feature allows users to view feedback on airline experiences from other fliers and offer their own airline ratings.




Facebook Gets New Instant Personalization Partner in TripAdvisor

Facebook announced today that it has partnered with TripAdvisor to bring "Instant Personalization" to the travel site. The integration will allow TripAdvisor users to tap into their friends’ travel experiences while planning their own trips. 

If a user is logged into Facebook, they can see friends’ reviews and access a map showing places where friends have visited, as well as a list of their most popular destinations. 

TripAdvisor Goes Social With Facebook

TripAdvisor has introduced "TripAdvisor Trip Friends" feature, which allows users to get advice from their Facebook friends about planning their next vacation.

When researching a destination, hotel, attraction or restaurant on TripAdvisor, users who have logged in using Facebook will now see a list of friends who have been to that location, via TripAdvisor Cities I’ve Visited (CIV) application on Facebook.

TripAdvisor Launches New iPhone App

Online travel website TripAdvisor has launched a new TripAdvisor iPhone application, available on Apple’s App Store.

The free applications allow users to search for popular hotels, restaurants, attractions and cheap airfares. The application is available in 13 languages, giving users a localized experience on TripAdvisor.

"Our iPhone app gives people in 20 countries and 13 languages a new way to access the more than 35 million traveler reviews and opinions available on TripAdvisor," said Steve Kaufer, founder and CEO of TripAdvisor.

TripAdvisor Moves Mobile Site Out Of Beta
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Travel review site TripAdvisor said today it has officially launched its mobile website.

The TripAdvisor mobile website is now available in 17 countries and 11 different languages. The beta version of the mobile site attracted more than one million unique monthly visitors.

On TripAdvisor’s mobile site, users can find nearby restaurants, hotels, attractions and directions to them via smartphones with GPS capabilities. Users can also post reviews and opinions while traveling.

TripAdvisor Flys Into Flight Search
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Online travel review site TripAdvisor has launched a new flight search engine aimed at providing travelers with information on airline ticket prices, fees for checked baggage and other services.

TripAdvisor says its search engine provides more flight choices in its search results along with direct booking links to major travel companies including Expedia, Travelocity, Hotwire, and nearly every U.S. airline.

MySpace Gets Facebook Travel App

Where I’ve Been (WIB), an interactive map that allows users to share the places they have visited has launched on MySpace.

Facebook App Sells $3 Million
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An event sure to flood Facebook with new me-too applications, a three-month-old mapping app called "Where I’ve Been" was sold to Trip Advisor for $3 million, according to the blog InsideFacebook.

TripAdvisor Launches Traveler Network

TripAdvisor has launched a traveler network that allows its users to find friends and plan their travel more efficiently.


New Network At TripAdvisor
New Network At TripAdvisor
Travel Channel.Com Makes Return Flight
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The Travel Channel has re-launched their Web site and has partnered with travel search firm SideStep Inc. The site has a new design, navigation and search pages allowing users to find information on specific destinations.

SideStep Acquires TravelPost.com

‘ve been doing a lot of research in the hotel space just recently – and I’m not just talking about planning my next vacation either!

InteractiveCorp Buys TripAdvisor

It was revealed in a recent announcement that InterActiveCorp is buying the travel search engine TripAdvisor. InterActiveCorp, based Manhattan, is using this purchase to increase its growing Internet presence.