Tribune Articles

Newspapers Buy Topix.net

Rich Skrenta reports that 75% of his Topix.net has been sold to three newspaper groups. Topix has been a hot property for some time, and news of the deal whilst surprising, makes an awful lot of sense, particulary from the point of view of a very scared newspaper industry…

Intel Announces 600-series Pentium 4

Signifying their first foray into the 64-bit processing realm for desktop computing, Intel has announced their plans to introduce the 600-series Pentium 4 microprocessors.

Sony Developing TV-To-PC Software

Consumer electronic giant Sony has announced their plans to release software that would allow television broadcasts played at home to be accessed by notebook computers, via the web.

Privacy Complaint Filed With EU Over Gmail

Google’s launch of Gmail has hit a potential snag when a privacy group filed a complaint with British authorities claiming that Gmail violates EU’s privacy standards.

Win ‘em Over with Contests

Looking for a sure fire way to promote your business? Contest are a fun and highly effective way to promote your business. People LOVE winning things, so what better way than a contest to gain new customers.