Gannett Takes Control Of CareerBuilder

Gannett Takes Control Of CareerBuilder

By Doug Caverly September 3, 2008 | 4 Comments

This development can be seen as something that’s either good for the Internet sector or bad for the economy in general.  Or both.  Regardless, Gannett has paid $135 million for another ten percent of CareerBuilder.com, which brings its total stake up to 50.8 percent.

Microsoft, Symbian Unimpressed By Android
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The appeal of Google’s mobile operating system, Android, and an alliance of handset makers, has not registered with two major phone OS builders.

Whisper: Papers Plot Online Ad Network

Five major newspaper publishers may be ready to create a national ad network that will let them keep all of their ad revenue in-house.

Gannett, Tribune Partner On Local Sites

Newspaper publishers Tribune Co. and Gannett Co. have entered into a joint venture to expand a national network of local entertainment Web sites.

GPhone Is Not a Phone?

Google has been working on a mobile phone project for more than two years and the GPhone has caused expectations in the technology world to rise.

Google, IBM Create University “Cloud”

Google and IBM have partnered to give some of the world’s best young minds access to hundreds of linked computers.  What’s more, the companies aren’t doing this out of direct self-interest, and have teamed up with six universities.

Google, Indians Join Forces To Limit Logging

Most businesses have a formal and structured environment; at Google, jeans are the norm, and dogs are allowed at work.  But in a move that goes far beyond normal business practices – think pygmy marmosets instead of Great Danes – the search engine company has announced a development involving a tribe of Brazilian Indians.

Plaintiffs Added to YouTube Suit

It looks like England’s Football Association Premier League, has found some support in its class action lawsuit against YouTube.

Korea “To Play A Very Critical Role For Google”

Significant, important, decisive – these words are all pretty much synonyms, though they have different shades of meaning.  But Kannan Pashupathy, Google’s Director of International Engineering Operations, didn’t pick any of them when describing South Korea’s importance to the search engine giant.  Instead, he called the relationship “critical.”

Korea “To Play A Very Critical Role For Google”

Utah Lawmakers Take Blinders Off, Earplugs Out

A resounding "DOI!" came springing out of the Utah legislature late last week as lawmakers acknowledged they should have done a little background work, or at least listened to all the squalling, before they passed the Trademark Protection Act.

Papers Get It Wrong About Google
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It’s newspaper billionaire versus tech billionaires as the man who would buy the Tribune Company (and dump the Cubs as soon as possible) tells the newspaper industry that Google rips off their content.

Topix.net, Tribune Partner On Classifieds
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Topix.net, a local search news Web site has partnered with Tribune Interactive to run their online classifieds for general merchandising advertising. The general merchandise classifieds will launch in February starting with the baltimoresun.com and will be available on all 12 Tribune Interactive sites by the end of May.

Can Newspapers Survive the Web?

You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows and you sure don’t have to count circulation figures and ad pages to know that internet has been a disasterous paradigm buster for newspapers in particular and print journalism in general.

Apple Goes Mobile With Ford, GM, And Mazda

From the makers of the “people’s car” (Volkswagen) to the manufacturers of the car-for-people-with-a-whole-lot-of-money (Ferrari), automakers are prepared to accommodate iPod users. The Americans have gotten in on the deal, too – Ford and GM made an arrangement with Apple that was announced yesterday.

Microsoft Co-Founder Going To The Super Bowl

Most football fans know that the Seattle Seahawks, winners of a 34-14 thrashing of the Carolina Panthers, are headed to the Super Bowl to face the Pittsburgh Steelers.

GoFish Nets Deal With Tribune

The Tribune Company’s online division, Tribune Interactive, plans to use GoFish technology for multimedia search on the Metromix websites.

MySpace Is Now FoxSpace
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Okay, so NYT bought About.com – which is basically just a form of citizen journalism. Okay, so IAC bought AskJeeves, and in the process got the much beloved Bloglines.