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Alturas Shooting: 4 Dead, 2 In Critical Condition

Cherie Lash Rhoades was being threatened with eviction at a hearing held at the American Indian headquarters in Alturas, CA, when she began shooting, emptying her gun and then turning to a butcher knife. Four people died during that attack, and 2 more were critically wounded, police said. Rhoades, 44, of Cedarville, is now in police custody and facing murder …

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Mashco-Piro Tribe Of Peru Makes Rare Appearance

In the modern world it is easy to assume that everyone carries a cell phone and has access to things like the internet. After all, you are using it right now to read this story and when you opened your browser it was as uneventful as pouring a glass of water. It is easy to forget that there are still …

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