Treo Articles

Palm Treo 700wx Is Acronymtastic

Palm Inc. unveiled its new pride and joy, the Palm Treo 700wx smart phone, running Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC Phone Edition with a slathering of fun business technology acronyms. That includes functionality for SFA, CRM, DUN, EvDO, USB, WiFi, PDF, and TFT, among others.

Palm Extends GPS to Treo Smartphones…

Here’s how the application works… The Bluetooth technology-enabled receiver identifies the car’s position using satellites.

Treo 700w Gets Push Email

Microsoft unveiled today its Direct Push software for the Palm Treo 700w, which runs Windows Mobile 5.

Treo 700 Using Windows

The folks at Palm announced their new Treo smart phone today. The new Treo 700 will carry the Mobile Windows OS by Microsoft and will be distributed through Verizon initially through their wireless broadband.