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Google Breaks Out On Press Day

Four products took center stage during Google’s annual media event, as the company reiterated just what their focus is for the business.

Technorati Stats, Just a Sign Post, Folks

For all the hype and hyperbole surrounding the latest Technorati stats, I think, to Jeremy Pepper’s point, a lot of marketers are sitting on the sidelines looking at things and asking, “how the hell does this really help us with our social media plans?”

Google Updates AdWords Keyword Tool

A recent update to the Keyword Tool in AdWords allows advertisers to view additional information about keywords the client may wish to select for a campaign.

Brands, Blogs & Search in 2006

The Magazine DM News publishes a supplement called “Outlook” each year that collects interviews and articles from some of the leading direct marketers and their perspectives on the coming year in direct marketing.

Web Video Trends on Intranets

I had already been pondering the surge in popularity of online video when Steve Rubel wrote today about the “Big Bang” that occurred when Apple began selling TV series episodes and other video content through its iTunes store.

Telecom Trends and Predictions

My how our dictionary has changed. Podcast, Skype, Wikipedia, Googlebot and WiMax were all regularly used terms during 2005.

Small Business Blogs: Where Are They?

This is the question posed by my good friend Anita Campbell writing on regarding business blogs for small companies.

Shopzilla Research Into Online Apparel Trends

Online retailer search engine Shopzilla just release a study covering Apparel trends for online buyers. Their BizRate Research division said casual clothing is the current trend in the work place.

Trends in responding to on-line employment postings

Back in the olden days (5 years ago or so), the common way to reply to jobs on career Web sites was to e-mail employers your resume as the main initial contact method.

Volkswagen Monitors Auto Industry Trends With Blog Tool

Techdirt has published a case study on how they have worked with the Electronic Research Lab …

Yahoo CFO: The Sky Wasn’t Falling

Yahoo’s Susan Decker talks to TheStreet.com about the robustness of the search advertising market.

Ten Internet Trends To Watch

Wouldn’t it be great to have a good handle on what will happen this year to make sure you could plan around it? asks Mitchell Levy, CEO and executive editor of Happy About, a US publisher of books for corporations.

Hot Small Business Ideas and Trends for 2005

By far my favorite issue of Entrepreneur magazine is their annual “hot list” of best businesses, markets, trends, and ideas. The list is too long to summarize in a single article so instead I’ve featured a few of the more interesting ideas. I’ve also added my own two cents here and there including some additional business ideas to help jumpstart your imagination.

Trends in E-Mail Marketing: Dynamic, Personalized Messages

While e-mail is an accepted and proven form of delivering marketing messages, professional marketers are looking for better ways to build customer loyalty and generate a greater return on their marketing investments.

The 6 Critical People Management Trends that will Define the Next Decade

The top HR professionals these days are focused on a lot more than payroll and the administration of benefits. The trend in the 21st century will be to provide development opportunities to people on a custom basis, depending on the needs of individual employees.

The 6 Newest Trends in Managing People

The top HR professionals these days are focused on a lot more than payroll and the administration of benefits. The trend in the 21st century will be to provide development opportunities to people on a custom basis, depending on the needs of individual employees.

Search Trends: Creating A Google

The term “authority site” comes from a concept in “Hilltop: A Search Engine based on Expert Documents,” an academic paper that some search optimizers speculate is a part of Google’s algorithm.

McDonalds Grabs Wi-Fi by the Nuggets

Would you like fries with your Wi-Fi? If McDonald’s has anything to do with it wireless Internet could be coming soon to a burger joint near you.

Search Engine Trends and SEO
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The past year has been one of major transition in the search engine industry. Changes to the landscape have been enormous with mergers, acquisitions, and the easing of several formerly big-players out of the sector or, in the case of AltaVista, Lycos and LookSmart, into the minor leagues. We’ve seen new technologies and revenue models being tested by search firms, along with fresh promises of personalized ad-delivery through contextual placement. While there is no end in sight for changes in this evolving medium, this is a good time to examine the impact of such upheaval on the state of website marketing and search engine placement.

IT Certification and Career Trends for 2004
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What are your IT Career and Certification expectations for year 2004? While certifications can give you an edge, going for just any certification doesn’t help. What is your career focus? New or old activities, what is your focus? New does not always translate to good or wise. It makes sense to review and analyze trends that will affect your career in 2004.

Local Search Explodes

Happy New Year! Cheers to big clicks in 2004!

In Tuesday’s issue we looked at Google predictions for 2004. As we all know, Google’s not the only search engine, and those of us whose rankings dropped after the Florida update learned that it’s not profitable to expect traffic from Google.