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Target Bloggers & Mainstream Media w/ Search Queries
Just how one does market research to see how competitive a marketplace is, you can also do market research to view how important some ideas have been historically.

Anna Nicole BabyDaddy Drama A Good SEO Lesson
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The Anna Nicole Smith drama is about to go into its third act as a Bahamian court reveals DNA test result showing that Larry Birkhead is the father of Dannielynn. There’s a reason I told you that on this e-business site: when it comes to traffic, timing is essential.

It’s not a cheap trick if you have legitimate reasons for covering something, right? Regardless of the sketchy ethics, part of search marketing and optimization involves following the trends and being able to predict future trends, as related to your subject matter.

NIN Using ARG To Market New Album
I think the concept of marketing using “big games” or ARG’s is one of the most exciting marketing concepts that has emerged in recent years. The way it combines customer experience, co-creation, word of mouth, and customer engagement and lets not forget FUN, makes it a very powerful tool in a marketers repertoire. As Trent says though this is not just about marketing but a new form of entertainment.

Web Analytics Job Trends

To followup on my predictions here is the latest update on “Web Analytics” jobs.

This snapshot was taken on April 1st.

Starting this month, I chose to include simplyhired.com. They are also a job aggregator site like indeed.com but they also provide job boards called job-a-matic, like the Job Board I have on my blog.

Operational BI – An Oxymoron?

Amit Chembukar and Prasanna Keny of Tata Consulting wrote Trends in Operational BI in BI Review. It’s a nice article and they make some good points about the characteristics of the kinds of systems they discuss:

Google Gadget Stats
Niall Kennedy did earlier this month an exhaustive analysis of Google Gadgets, coming out with a lot of graphs, facts and figures that would make your head spin. If you’re a geek for infoporn, you’ll love his post on it.

Google Stuff Doing Stuff w/ Other Stuff & Other Stuff

What? I had more than one story about integrations and such, and that was easily the worst title I could think of. Who would have thought there was a way to include “stuff” in a title four times, and have it vaguely make sense?

Podcasting Trends of 2006

PodZinger has published the results of a study, revealing the top searches and trends on its site for 2006. The statistics showed that sports, talk personalities and world news topped audio search, while current events and pop culture accounted for the majority of online video searches.

Google Reader’s Search Function: Where is it?

Now that I subscribe to over 100 blogs with Google Reader, I skim posts making a mental note to come back later and read the whole thing.

What is Hot and What is Not in the Industry?

Top 10 Winners Predicted for 2007

Trends Added to Google Reader

Personalization is going to be key to overcoming information overload.

Tracking RSS Reading Trends With Google Reader

Google’s added a nifty little tool to Google Reader that allows you to view stats on your RSS reading trends.

Marketing Trends for 2007

As the year comes to a close, it’s time to look forwards to next year and what are shaping up to be some key trends for marketers to track through the year.

What To Look For In 2007

One of the traditional acts of the New Year’s celebration is the posting of lists that either look back at the year that was or look ahead at what potentially lies ahead. Of course, the Internet industry is not immune to these year-end lists. Just ask the search industry.

Roundup: Digg Spam Policy

I wasn’t sure about posting about getting the nix from digg earlier this week, but apparently it was on many people’s minds.

Spot 2007 Trends with YouTube

Trend blog PSFK figured out a great way to leverage crowdscourcing and social media to round up 2007 trend predictions.

E-mail And Phone Have High Response Rates

BtoB Magazine points out some interesting findings in the DMA 2006 Response Rate Trends Report which includes data for more than 1,500 campaigns received in 2004, 2005 and 2006.

Online Video Trends & Contextual Advertising
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PodZinger has announced the results of its proprietary research into consumer behavior and online video advertising viewing preferences. The research reveals that not only will viewers tolerate advertisements that appear during their search for online audio and video content, they willingly accept that short ads come with the territory.

Four Keys To Brand Monitoring

Forrester Research reiterated the importance of being aware of what people say about your brand online, and noted the four key parts to successfully evaluating potential brand monitoring solutions.

Trends In Human Resources
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The role of the Human Resources Department has changed dramatically over the past 30 years and will become increasingly more strategic in nature in the future, said a leading light of the HR community in the recent 2006 Annual Conference and Exposition of HR practitioners in Washington, DC.

Google trends on Maps and Canadians

Poking around Google Trends, I entered a few terms and found something interesting.. what is it about the term “maps” and Canadians?

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