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Giant Gold Nugget Found And Now To Be Sold: Should Finder Have Kept It?

A man found a giant gold nugget in the mountainous region of Butte County, North California. The lucky individual who happened across the six pound treasure has gone to great lengths to conceal both his identity and the location of the find. While this movie is typical of treasure seekers who luck out, it seems no one has ever stopped …

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Sunken Gold Recovered Near South Carolina

Recovering sunken treasure sounds like the stuff of Disney movies, complete with busty heroines and Johnny Depp eyeliner. But a group has just brought up almost 1,000 ounces — about $50 million worth — of gold from a ship that sank in a hurricane over 150 years ago. The S.S. Central America was called “The Ship of Gold”. It sank …

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Family Finds Gold off Florida Coast

While hunting for treasure might sound like a job more suited for Captain Jack Sparrow, a family in Florida found quite the haul while looking for gold off the coast of Fort Pierce over the weekend. According to the Sun Sentinel, The Schmitt family found gold coins and gold chains that have an estimated value of more than $300,000. The …

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SS Gairsoppa: Shipwreck Gives Up Its Treasure

In December 1940, the SS Gairsoppa raised anchor in India and left, fully-loaded with 240 tons of tea, silver, and iron for Liverpool, England. After breaking away from its convoy due to bad weather off the Irish coast, a German U-Boat sank the Gairsoppa with one torpedo on February 17, 1941. The Telegraph reported that one survivor made it out. …

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$500 Million Spanish Treasure Recovered

The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta, Georgia denied another motion from the Odyssey Marine Exploration Company to keep over $500 million in recovered treasure. The treasure was recovered by Odyssey in 2007 from a sunken ship off the Spanish coast. The coins were flown from Spain to a heavily guarded US location where they have remained. Spain …

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Millennium Falcon Found in Baltic Sea?

There are perhaps tens of thousands of salvage items at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. Treasure hunters frequent the area and recover many things. Peter Lindberg, a commercial diver who trawls for treasure in the Baltic, has mapped a sonar image that he intends to excavate in the Spring. The object is circular, with a diameter of 195 feet. …

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