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Powerful PSA Against Stand Your Ground Laws Re-Enacts Trayvon Martin Murder

The Trayvon Martin murder case and ensuing George Zimmerman trail rocked the United States to its core in a variety of ways; while many activists and social justice enthusiasts staked their claims on Zimmerman’s guilt and raged against the jury’s decision to acquit him of all charges, many others painted Trayvon as a hoodlum and Zimmerman as a victim. Amid …

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According To Limbaugh, Trayvon Was A Bigot and Zimmerman Is Gay

Those who followed the Zimmerman trial are not unfamiliar with the way that Trayvon Martin’s character and past were called into question throughout the proceedings. Though Trayvon was shot and killed that rainy February night, and was thus denied a physical voice, the defense was not hesitant in its attempt to deface the character of the unarmed teen. Accusations of …

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George Zimmerman Jury Deliberates, Asks For List

The trial of George Zimmerman in the case of Trayvon Martin’s murder has become a national phenomenon, overtaking the country, as well as popular news sources, for the past three weeks. At approximately 2:30 PM today, the jury began their deliberation on the fate of George Zimmerman, with three options before them that they could potentially hand down; guilty of …

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George Zimmerman Trial Proposed Dismissal

The tragic death of Trayvon Martin has gripped the county for over a year, now, with interest at a new high due to the trial of George Zimmerman. Zimmerman is accused of fatally shooting Travyvon after an altercation in February of 2012. Popular belief is that Zimmerman, the head of the local neighborhood watch, followed Trayvon because he “looked suspicious,” …

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