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MSN Travel Embarks Again

The newly relaunched travel portal from MSN will be available as a beta version as the portal tests out a similar look-and-feel to Windows Live and several new content providers.

Still No One-Stop Travel Search

Though travel bookings remain the largest component of e-commerce, generating over of third of the $145 billion US online market, no single travel search engine (TSE) has emerged as the best one-stop shop for finding the best rates on airfare, hotels, or car rentals, says Consumer Reports WebWatch. The bottom line is, says WebWatch, you’d better shop around.

Christmas Tips, courtesy of the Shoposphere…Yahoo!

Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages… We are proud to welcome you to the one, the only, the uniquely meglomartical Yahoo Shoposphere!

Online Travel Industry Hits $104 Billion By 2010

JupiterResearch did some digging in the metrics for the online travel market in the U.S. and came up with some big numbers in the coming years. Their report entitled, “U.S. Travel Forecast, 2005 to 2010,” predicts $68 billion by the end of 2005 and $104 billion by 2010.

MSN Travel Is Frightful

Not to be outdone by Google and Yahoo!’s new travel and map offerings, MSN has extensive Halloween coverage of all things spooky in America (no, Dick Cheney isn’t on the list), whether you want to visit these “spiritually gifted” places in person or virtually.

Trippin With Google And Yahoo!

Google and Yahoo! have added some new search features for travelers. Both companies have their own style-Google with its typically minimalist functionality and Yahoo! with its “come in and stay a while” style.

Yahoo Adds Trip Planner To Travel Search

With the leaves changing color, many feel the need to get out of the office and get on the road; Yahoo’s newest product lets users get their trips planned using its services.

Take A Break At .Travel

A new top-level domain dedicated to travel business-related web sites, .travel, has been approved by ICANN.

Expedia Expanding On MSN Travel

Microsoft’s former online travel service will expand its presence on MSN travel and local sites.

Travel Blogs Bypass Media

Rather than rely on travel writers to tout the best Pennsylvania destinations, the state’s tourism office is relying on six bloggers to document their travels throughout the state. The AP tells us that…

High Speed Travel

I’m on the Thalys high-speed train back to Amsterdam following an extremely worthwhile three days in Paris. I was at Les Blogs, about which I blogged a bit yesterday and about which I’ll start writing a more complete personal view while I’m on the train which I’ll post tomorrow.

ICANN Officially Designates .jobs And .travel Domains

On Friday, ICANN announced the approval of two new Top-Level Domain designations: .jobs and .travel. This approval was done during the ICANN International conference, which is held in Argentina.

Priceline Introduces One-Stop Travel Reservation Site

William Shatner and priceline.com are going where the pioneer Internet travel service has never gone before.

Tralliance Confirmed As Worldwide Registry for .travel

Tralliance has been confirmed by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), to serve as the registry for the new .travel (dot travel)…

AOL to Launch PinpointTravel.com

AOL are to launch a Beta travel site powered by Kayak, the recently launched travel comparison engine.

Yahoo Travel is Hiring!

If you’ve ever wanted to work for one of the largest and most popular on-line travel sites, now’s your chance. Yahoo Travel is hiring in a number of areas, including:

Expedia’s New Travel Search Technology

Expedia has unveiled unique technology that allows, within a single flight search, business travelers to search multiple airports, beyond just airports that are naturally in the same metropolitan area.

The Final Frontier of Cellphone-Free Travel

Last week’s news that in-flight wi-fi is here and plans are in hand to let you make mobile phone calls while flying seems to have displeased lots of people in the US.

Experienced Travelers Don’t Use Search Engines

MediaPost released some data about online travel searches and how only .47% of all online travel traffic is coming from the major travel search engines.

Weblogs Inc. Launches Adventure Travel Blog

Weblogs, Inc. launched their 60th Weblog-Gadling, an engaged’ travel Weblog for people who like to be active – both physically and mentally – when they travel.

New .post and .travel Domains Getting Closer
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As the process for selecting new sponsored top-level domain (sTLDs) from a pool of ten applications moves forward, ICANN has entered into commercial and technical negotiations with two registries, .post and .travel.