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Wi-Fi Matters!

According to a recent survey, free internet Wi-Fi access rated number 1 as the most important factor in choosing a hotel. The participants in the survey included 1,000 US travelers and 600 hotel representatives. Almost 90% of these travelers expect free Wi-Fi to be available as part of their accomodations. Over 40% report that they have never paid for Wi-Fi …

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Airbnb Hits 5 Million Nights Booked, More Than 19,000 Cities Represented

Airbnb has really taken off, according to some statistics released by the company on Thursday. The company, which allows people to rent out private spaces to travelers, call themselves the “community marketplace for unique spaces.” The most striking figure that Airbnb now boasts is 5 million+ nights booked through the service. Out of all of those bookings, a quarter consisted …

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Expedia Last Minute Deals : Give Away Your Work

Planning a trip seams fun in theory but I just never seem to get around to doing it. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone else just took care of it? Yes, It’s called a travel agent and they’re too expensive for me. Thankfully there is always someone else willing to my work, at least in this regard. Expedia is making …

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Sweden Looks To Spark Curiosity With “Democratic” Twitter Account

In what is being called the “world’s most democratic Twitter account,” Swedish citizens are given the opportunity to run the country’s PR for an entire week through @Sweden. The project is dubbed Curators of Sweden, and in just about a month of existence has more than doubled the country’s official Twitter presence. Here’s how it works. Every week, a new …

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