Transportation Security Administration Articles

Serial Stowaway Arrested at LAX Sans Ticket

A 62-year-old woman was arrested after the flight she was on touched down at Los Angeles International Airport, after bypassing a ticket check at Mineta San Jose International Airport, where the flight originated. The stowaway was not deemed a threat …

TSA Cuts Out Backscatter Body Scans at Airports

When the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) began using backscatter X-ray machines, privacy advocates balked at the notion of TSA employees seeing a colorless image of passengers’ naked bodies. Not long after, naked airport protests embarrassed the TSA and worries of …

Double Amputee Humiliated by TSA Agents, Says Congressman
· 16

Congressman Duncan Hunter, representative for California’s 50th congressional district, this week wrote a terse letter to Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Administrator John Pistole. The letter detailed an account of alleged mistreatment of a wounded marine by TSA officers and demanded …

TSA Screeners To Be Booted Out of US Airport
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In November 2010, the federal Transportation Security Administration put a freeze on airports opting to use privatized security services instead of the agency’s own employees, but a provision in a Senate bill passed last month has opened the door for …

Security Issues Discovered at TSA Site

In what should be a warning to travelers and just about everyone on the Internet, a web site built for the TSA has been found to have significant security issues, endangering travelers, as well as the reputat