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Interspecies Transplants Could Help Diabetes Patients, Shows Study

Researchers at Northwestern University this week revealed that they have successfully transplanted insulin-producing cells called islets from one species to another. They believe that this successful interspecies transplant could be the first step toward animal-to-human transplants as a treatment for diabetes. The research was published today in the journal Diabetes. “This is the first time that an interspecies transplant of …

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3D Printer Creates Jaw Implant, Turns 83-Year-Old Woman Into Awesome Cyborg

Doctors in the Netherlands have done something so Future that it’s hard to believe they haven’t time-traveled from the year 40331 ADΩ to dazzle us with their alien science: they have successfully created and implanted the world’s first jaw transplant made by a 3D printer. As far as I can confirm (which is to say, I can’t), these doctors are …

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