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All is Fair in Love, War & Journalism

The relationship between a reporter and a company he (or she) is trying to write about is… well, complicated.

In some cases, it’s like two hostile nations trying to meet at Camp David, with each side compiling as much information — secret and otherwise — about their adversary, and each side trying to read between the lines to find out what the other party really meant. And sometimes those files get leaked, as they did in the case of Wired writer Fred Vogelstein.

Why Microsoft Pays Waggener Edstrom the Big Money

The Long Tail: The Microsoft Memo: Some choose radical transparency, some have it thrust upon them Chris Anderson, Editor-in-Chief over at Wired, has a post out today that contains a massive email briefing by Microsoft’s PR firm Waggener Edstrom to a Microsoft executive about an interview with Wired Magazine.

Quality Score Transparency

Excuse my giddiness, but it’s definitely addictive to look at your keyword quality scores. You could have guessed them before by the assigned minimum bids, but these are fun to look at anyway:

Transparent Media and Wikify Everything

Chris Anderson is on a roll about transparency  and six tactics for transparent media:

Transparency Key to Shifts Win

Shift Communications, home to social media advocate Todd Defren, was named agency of record for Novell, largely on the strength of Shift’s well-documented social media chops.

Now This is Transparency

Last week, I wrote about Plaxo. You know, the impersonal emails you get from people asking you to update your contact info.

Blogger Relations and Full Transparency

Shel and I had quite a robust discussion about the Wal-Mart and Edelman blogger relations campaign yesterday in show #119 of FIR: The Hobson & Holtz Report.

Disclosure and transparency: Its PR 101

Our little PR corner of the blogosphere is awash with opinion about the Wal-Mart/Edelman blogger outreach campaign stemming from a story in the New York Times on Tuesday.

Microsoft Hopes Transparency To Make A Difference

With the EU refusing to be reasonable and the vultures circling the wagons, Microsoft has decided to try a weapon not normally found in their repetoire: transparency.

The Road to Transparency at Davos

The 2006 annual meeting of the World Economic Forum begins today in Davos, Switzerland.

Im Pushing for More Transparency, Heres Why

You only need to watch the PR (by Nathan Weinberg on the Inside Microsoft blog) that Microsoft received over the past week to understand that more transparency would be a good thing.

David Berlind Calls Out PR

From his post on Ground Zero … This is a good time to draw the public relations community into the discussion.

Nike Breaks New Ground In Communication Transparency

Communicating on corporate responsibility doesn’t get more transparent than this. The Financial Times reports …

Real Organization Transparency

Companies everywhere talk a lot about how important their employees are and the contribution they make to overall success. But most companies don’t do this with the public openness and transparency demonstrated by CMS Cameron McKenna, an international law firm headquartered in London.

Transparency at MSN Works

MediaPost reports that when MSN unveiled its new search engine, it put up a Web page, Inside MSN, which collects user comments on the product and posts them for all to see.

Get Used To Transparency, IABC

In yesterday’s edition of The Hobson & Holtz Report, our bi-weekly podcast show, Shel and I talked a little about IABC.

Who’s got the Biggest? – Public Site Stats

I’m not sure why, but there’s a weird trend sweeping through the blogosphere that when you think about it, takes us right back to the Geocities style hit counters and spinning logos days.

Berlind: IT Research Desperately Needs More Transparency

David Berlind takes the IT research industry to task in his latest post on the Media Transparency Channel …

Transparency Key To Successful Business Relations

There is a risk that corporate blogs become just another channel in the corporate communications mix.

Blogs and Ethics

JD Lasica has an in-depth article on shilling, influence and blog ethics at Online Journalism Review.

Blog Talk: Transparency Leads To Genuine Debate

A thoughtful view on what the role of a blog sponsored and supported by the World Economic Forum should be and how the blog should develop …