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MySpace, MSN Collaborate In China

Well over a week ago, reports surfaced that MySpace China and MSN China would partner; Luo Chuan, the CEO of Myspace China, denied them.  Now – you guessed it – the partnership has been made official.

Google China Gives Birth To Life Search
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Google may not always let Chinese citizens search for terms like “democracy,” but it’s apparently got no problems with things such as housing, work, and train tickets; a new Life Search engine available through Google China is tailored to deal with precisely these types of classifications.

Warner Hugs YouTube, Starts Talking Gibberish

YouTube didn’t just get a mammoth deal with Warner Music Group. The video-sharing site got schooled in how to talk in press release, and what to call its new intellectual property inspector.

What is Your Asia Strategy for the Global Customer Base?

Something new happened in mid-2006 – five out of the top ten websites listed by Alexa (based on traffic for the previous three months) were Asian. Four of those were Chinese.

Instant IM Translation

Alex Barnett highlights a really cool MSN Messenger plug-in.

Google / GuGe Flash Ad: Wimpy?

For your perusal this morning: Google’s China ad, a short Flash movie introducing the GuGe brand name.

Reuters Financial Glossary Wiki

Reuters is hosting a Financial Glossary Wiki, a fascinating case study for the way enterprises will host professional communities.

Google China Blog

Google China now has a blog, although I doubt it’ll be talking about the things we think of when we hear the words “Google” and “China” together.

Ask Jeeves For A Translation
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Jeeves may have been fired, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to stop talking to him. AskJeeves (now Ask.com) has added a new language tool that translates webpages, defines search terms, refers to Roget’s Thesaurus for synonyms, and helps searchers with pronunciation. I onder-way ether-way eeves-Jay an-cay anslate-ay ig-pay atin-lay?

Google OS Rumors Persist

A USB drive containing a customized Linux distro will boot users into a Google branded environment, or so one web site claims. The next experiment out of Google Labs or merely wishful thinking from the anti-Microsoft crowd?

Don’t Limit Hispanic Optimization To Site Translation

Whenever I have any topics relating to optimizing for the Hispanic online population, I normally consult a friend who know a great deal more about the Hispanic search market than I do to get a better grasp of what has been done and what else needs to be done to make a site an attractive option for the Hispanic audience.

Yahoo Debuts Its Search Translation Technology For Germany

With more than half the web’s content being produced in the English language, web searchers who do not speak the English language may be at a loss when it comes to finding sites of interest.

Google Maps Address Hack

Has it’s been documented quite frequently, since the launch of Google’s map service, there have been quite a few hacks and extensions built that further Google’s map search functionality.

Valuable Blog Survey Results From Germany
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In Germany the CRM agency Proximity has asked 2,700 internet users about weblogs. And the results are both interesting and valuable …

Google Translation On-the-Fly

Most people are familiar with Google Translate, which will allow you to translate any text you key or paste, or a URL you supply, from one major language to another.

Doing Business In Canada?
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The Quality of Your French is Key!

Jamba Creates A PR Mess In The German Blogosphere

Jamba sells ringtones in a number of European countries. Their German company got some criticism in a weblog and the message started to spread.

Add Multiple Language Translation To Your Website For Free!

This article will discuss my personal experience in setting up the Translingo script. A step-by-step guide with assistance for getting it to work the way that your want. As Translingo is Freeware, it is free for both private and commercial use however, some of the third party translation engines may have conditional terms but you are free to choose which engines you offer.

Website Translation

Websites are now a crucial part of most businesses. They generate revenue, offer an avenue for promotion and are easily accessible means of providing information on a company. However, the global economy now demands that companies look beyond national borders if they wish to expand.

Don’t Lose Your Foreign Web Site Visitors by Insulting Them With Brain-Dead Translation Services

For some internet marketers it’s become a cutting edge strategy to offer multi lingual navigation and promo material on their sites in the hope of expanding their client base. While it is true that international users whose mother tongue is anything but English are beginning to hit the web in hefty numbers, catering to them in their own linguistic format is an art in itself which doesn’t lend itself to the cheap and easy “no brainer” pseudo solutions currently being hawked on the net. If you offer them one of those, chances are you’ll fend them off forever. Count it as a well-meaning blunder as much as you will, fact is these clients-to-be can be quite relentless if you convey the impression that you couldn’t care less about offering first class services. Don’t forget that very many people actually love their mother tongue and don’t enjoy seeing it massacred.