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UK Shoppers Get Busy On Boxing Day

The U.S. doesn’t even celebrate Boxing Day, but in the U.K., it’s quite a big deal; December 26th is often treated as a sort of second Christmas in terms of food-eating and gift-giving.  There are also huge sales, and Robin Goad reports that, as a result, Boxing Day was the U.K.’s busiest online shopping day in all of 2007.

Google Sending More Than Its Share Of Search Traffic

Some people want everyone to like them, and this, to be honest, can be a bit pathetic.  But businesses may need everyone (or at least a whole lot of folks) to like them, and so Rand Fishkin has addressed the issue of why Yahoo and MSN/Live don’t always send much traffic.

Google, Search Drives Health, Travel Traffic
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Websites in the health & medical and the travel categories received substantial traffic driven to them from search engines in November 2007.

Obama Leading Democrats In Internet Traffic
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If traffic is indication of how Americans feel about the Democratic candidates, then Barack Obama is the clear winner of the online heart.

PubCon – CSS and HTML Coding
CSS today is almost synonymous with Web 2.0. We have come a very long way from the days of simply tweaking your links to remove the underline.

Panelists will discuss the cut corners, the non-underlined links, the freaky mouse-overs, and other code beautification techniques. HTML, on the other hand, has moved closer towards XML and feeds. Our panelists will discuss how to update your code to match what is evolving on the web.

Online Video Traffic Drops 6 %

The top five online video sites switched their ranking order and site traffic in October, according to Compete.

Natural Search Traffic To Retailers Rises

Retailers have had higher growth rates for natural or unpaid search traffic, according to Netconcepts.

The company looked at programs of retailers using GravityStream, its natural search-advertising platform, and found an average of 14 percent week-to-week growth, compared to nine percent at this time in 2006.

PubCon – Monetizing Social Media Traffic
Social media traffic is decidedly different from search traffic, newsletter traffic, or general link traffic. Knowing how to capitalize on this potentially huge traffic influx is critical for social media players. This session will look at ways that social media outlets can be monetized.


  • Rand Fishkin


PubCon: Handling Digg Traffic
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Sometimes it’s not so much that you’re handling traffic from Digg.com, it’s that the traffic is handling you. Crashed servers, slow-loading site, all that traffic and nobody clicking on ads can equal wasted time and money, but it doesn’t have to, as long as you know your visitors and how be ready for them.

McDonald’s Benefits From Monopoly Traffic

In my mind, McDonald’s is a fast food joint; although I might have assumed a website existed, it was of no importance.  But traffic to that site has greatly increased in recent days, due (probably) to the annual Monopoly game.

Cyber Monday Traffic Up 26 Percent

U. S. traffic on Cyber Monday increased 26 percent compared to 2006, according to Hitwise. This is the third consecutive year there has been an increase on the Monday after Thanksgiving.

Traffic To Microsoft Increases (Slightly)

As a search competitor, Microsoft is pretty much a failure – both comScore and Hitwise saw a drop in its already-small market share during October.  The corporation is far from finished, however, and it seems that traffic to Microsoft’s many sites actually rose.

Wal-Mart Kicks Off “Cyber Week”
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Compared to most retailers, Wal-Mart is really, really big.  So it only makes sense that the company is doing away with Cyber Monday, and is instead focusing on an entire “Cyber Week.”

Hitwise: Black Friday Traffic Up 145%

Below is a summary of key data points from Hitwise regarding Black Friday Traffic (week ending Nov 17th)

Internet Traffic Jam By 2010?

Whenever we discuss other countries’ faster Internet connections, there’s something of a “so what?” factor; after all, what we have now generally works well enough.  But a new study from Nemertes Research indicates that serious problems might emerge by 2010.

Larry Irving

First Comcast, Now Cox Busted ‘Managing’ Traffic

Comcast’s BitTorrent snafu set off another investigation of a cable provider and yielded similar results. This time it’s Cox’s interference with file-sharing service eDonkey setting Net Neutrality alarms.

Black Friday Site Traffic Increases 52%

Online traffic to Black Friday advertising websites is rising earlier in 2007 compared to 2006, Hitwise reported today. Online traffic to a custom category of Black Friday advertising websites increased 52 percent for the week ending Nov. 10, 2007 compared to Nov. 11, 2006.

NYTimes.com Traffic Booms After Dropping Select

One has to wonder what kind of traffic and ad revenue the New York Times gave up while its Times Select subscription model was in place.

Wal-Mart Leads Early Black Friday Traffic
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The early birds are rising earlier this year as searches for Black Friday-related websites spike a bit earlier than last year.

Traffic To Apple Sites Up

The iPhone and Leopard have made it an exciting few months for Apple, and in terms of traffic, the company’s become quite busy, too – compared to the third quarter of last year, Apple’s site experienced an increase in visitors of about 18 percent.

Secret To Monetizing Your Site
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So maybe you’re thinking to yourself; Hey, I need to start making some money online. Maybe you’re one of those that had that thought a while ago now… but aside from maybe the being online part

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