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Twitter Passes Digg In Page Traffic
Check out the latest blog post over at the Hitwise blog which details Twitter catching up to Digg in terms of total visits.

Nielsen Looks at Traffic to Medical Sites
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People often turn to the Internet for information about illnesses and treatments. Many put off going to the doctor as long as possible just because they don’t find it enjoyable. Many others simply can’t afford to go to the doctor because of a lack of health insurance or plans that still end up costing them too much in co-pays anyway.

Nielsen Looks at Online Retail Category Performance
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Nielsen is sharing some interesting data today regarding online retail web traffic during the holiday season. This data shows that both Black Friday and Cyber Monday traffic were up by 10% each when compared to last year.

eBay Traffic Stats In Near Freefall
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Remember the dive-bombing plane sound we’d make as little kids?  "Neeeerrrrowwww."  That same noise is perhaps the most succinct way of describing what’s happening to traffic-related eBay statistics.

Digg’s Record Election Day Exposes Holes

As you may have read, Yahoo News was the number one site for traffic the night of the U.S. Presidential election. While they may have had the most traffic of anybody on the web, they were certainly not the only ones to experience record numbers. Digg, for example received the most traffic in the site’s history.. Unfortunately for some users, this led to problems using it.

AOL Still Reaching Record Numbers

AOLYou would think that the growth of broadband usage would take away from AOL’s business. That and the fact that they’ve been closing down services like mad.  Despite these things, AOL has managed to hit an all time high when it comes to traffic numbers, and has experienced year-over-year growth for unique visitors for the 21st month in a row.

The following AOL sites reached all-time high page view numbers in October:

Election Drove Record Internet Traffic
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The Internet didn’t break yesterday, and if there was ever a day for that to happen it was Election Day 2008 in America. Akamai’s Net Usage Index for News recorded the highest number of website visitors per minute in history, placing Barack Obama’s historic win at the top at the chart.

Yahoo Gets Boost In Traffic From Election

Yesterday the New York Times spoke of the ‘success’ of Yahoo during this election marathon that is thankfully winding up (I hope) in the next 48 hours. This election process has been a boon for news sites and the equivalent of a ‘millstone around the neck’ for people like me. How much more can one say or do or think or accuse or lie or point fingers about at this point?

Money Spending Down, News Interest Up
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Visits to places where one can spend money are down or flat compared to this time last year, according to Hitwise. News, however, is hot.

Yahoo! Rolls Out Search Index Update

Yahoo! SearchA lot of people seem to be seeing an increase in traffic coming from Yahoo! if this thread at WebmasterWorld is any indication. Some credit this to a September update to Yahoo!’s Search Index, and sure enough, today Yahoo! announced just that. Sharad Verma at the Yahoo! Search Blog says:

Health, Travel Sites Dependent On Google Traffic
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Searchers swimming downstream on the currents of the Internet, via the queries they make on Google, fuel significant percentages of some industry verticals.

Report: Online Video To Drive IP Traffic Growth

The Internet is going to be a busy, busy place by the time 2012 rolls around.  A new report from Cisco suggests that global IP traffic will have sextupled by then, with – depending on how you look at it – online video being mostly to thank or blame.

UK Interest In Blogs Stronger Than Ever
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It’s a great time to run a UK-oriented blog.  UK traffic levels to blogs and personal sites have taken a couple of deep dips over the past few years, but according to new Hitwise data, visits have now risen and reached a record high.

Not All Traffic Is Created Equal

For a long time there’s been a certain amount of obsession among webmasters about building traffic—any traffic—for websites. But really, especially if you’re location-based, the focus should be on building the right traffic.

Of course, search takes center stage in that struggle, but more recently social media sites like Digg.com and BoingBoing have captured the imaginations of traffic-obsessed marketers. Here’s what many of them discover, though: traffic bursts from those sites do little for sales.

Alexa Unveils New Ranking System
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That Alexa’s ranking system needed improvement is something upon which almost everyone could agree.  Now it’s been altered, and unfortunately for Alexa, the consensus still lies in that direction.

Newspaper Sites Losing Users’ Interest

Visitors to newspaper sites tend to rank above average in terms of wealth, influence, and political awareness, according to the Newspaper Association of America.  There are also more of them than ever before.  Trouble is, they’re not that dedicated.

Taxes Occupied Net Users In January

Early income tax filers seeking refunds likely powered traffic to several tax-related websites last month, judging by sharp jumps in their traffic.

2007 Kind To Newspapers’ Sites

It’s odd enough that reports about 2007 are still trickling in; there’s a special touch of irony since this late-breaking stuff concerns the news industry.  Still, timing aside, it’s nice to report that newspapers’ websites received more views than ever before.

Traffic Due To Super Bowl Ads Analyzed

An analysis of site traffic following the Super Bowl has been released, and a number of companies’ ads earned them huge increases in visitors.  But others experienced more minor fluctuations, and a handful even seemed to get ignored.

Middle Eastern Traffic To UK, US Slowed

More information is surfacing about the submarine cable network that was mysteriously cut in the Mediterranean. As a result Internet traffic from the Middle Eastern region and India will experience sluggish performance when accessing websites in the UK and the eastern US.

Facebook, Craigslist Gained Big In 2007
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Unique visitor growth measured by comScore found newer and established web properties making big leaps last year.

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