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Yahoo! Rolls Out Search Index Update

Yahoo! SearchA lot of people seem to be seeing an increase in traffic coming from Yahoo! if this thread at WebmasterWorld is any indication. Some credit this to a September update to Yahoo!’s Search Index, and sure enough, today Yahoo! announced just that. Sharad Verma at the Yahoo! Search Blog says:

Health, Travel Sites Dependent On Google Traffic
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Searchers swimming downstream on the currents of the Internet, via the queries they make on Google, fuel significant percentages of some industry verticals.

Report: Online Video To Drive IP Traffic Growth

The Internet is going to be a busy, busy place by the time 2012 rolls around.  A new report from Cisco suggests that global IP traffic will have sextupled by then, with – depending on how you look at it – online video being mostly to thank or blame.

UK Interest In Blogs Stronger Than Ever
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It’s a great time to run a UK-oriented blog.  UK traffic levels to blogs and personal sites have taken a couple of deep dips over the past few years, but according to new Hitwise data, visits have now risen and reached a record high.

Not All Traffic Is Created Equal

For a long time there’s been a certain amount of obsession among webmasters about building traffic—any traffic—for websites. But really, especially if you’re location-based, the focus should be on building the right traffic.

Of course, search takes center stage in that struggle, but more recently social media sites like Digg.com and BoingBoing have captured the imaginations of traffic-obsessed marketers. Here’s what many of them discover, though: traffic bursts from those sites do little for sales.

Alexa Unveils New Ranking System
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That Alexa’s ranking system needed improvement is something upon which almost everyone could agree.  Now it’s been altered, and unfortunately for Alexa, the consensus still lies in that direction.

Newspaper Sites Losing Users’ Interest

Visitors to newspaper sites tend to rank above average in terms of wealth, influence, and political awareness, according to the Newspaper Association of America.  There are also more of them than ever before.  Trouble is, they’re not that dedicated.

Taxes Occupied Net Users In January

Early income tax filers seeking refunds likely powered traffic to several tax-related websites last month, judging by sharp jumps in their traffic.

2007 Kind To Newspapers’ Sites

It’s odd enough that reports about 2007 are still trickling in; there’s a special touch of irony since this late-breaking stuff concerns the news industry.  Still, timing aside, it’s nice to report that newspapers’ websites received more views than ever before.

Traffic Due To Super Bowl Ads Analyzed

An analysis of site traffic following the Super Bowl has been released, and a number of companies’ ads earned them huge increases in visitors.  But others experienced more minor fluctuations, and a handful even seemed to get ignored.

Middle Eastern Traffic To UK, US Slowed

More information is surfacing about the submarine cable network that was mysteriously cut in the Mediterranean. As a result Internet traffic from the Middle Eastern region and India will experience sluggish performance when accessing websites in the UK and the eastern US.

Facebook, Craigslist Gained Big In 2007
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Unique visitor growth measured by comScore found newer and established web properties making big leaps last year.

The Irony of Mahalo Traffic Growth

A couple of weeks ago, Heather Hopkins at Hitwise noted that the human-powered Mahalo search engine has been showing a very strong curve of increasing traffic:

comScore Discusses December Stats

Christmas is, generally speaking, all about traditions.  And some of comScore’s December 2007 data shows all the names you’d expect to see.  Other parts, however – such as the "Top 10 Gaining Properties by Percentage Change in Unique Visitors" – display some oddballs.

Two Percent Of UK Traffic Heads To Facebook

Due to the state of the American economy, we’re getting used to seeing "down" graphs.  Not everything would make a good left-to-right ski slope, however, and a representation of UK Internet traffic to Facebook would be absolutely terrible.

3 Times as Much Google Maps Traffic Coming from Google

The New York Times today reported on a recent Hitwise post by Heather Hopkins highlighting that Google was now sending about three times as many of their users over to Google Maps comparing a week ending January 6th with a yea

Starbucks And McDonald’s Traffic Trends

Odds are decent that you see at least one of these establishments every time you leave the house.  So Hitwise has pulled up some data and examined whether Starbucks or McDonald’s will win the high-priced coffee war.Starbucks And McDonald's Traffic Trends

The Improved Reality of Parked Domain Traffic

For years many of us in the advertiser camp have yelled about the fact that vendors like Google AdWords lump domain traffic in with "search" traffic without giving you much control over the situation.

A lot of this was justifiable yelling – but as with much about the content networks (and stuff that should be in the content network but was in the past classified as search), today’s reality seems to have improved.

Microsoft and Yahoo Marketing Issues

Microsoft is spending a lot of money creating useful tools for advertisers, and when you go to their tools page they list contextual ads for "all the data mining". If they would just let me know what that ad placement costs I am betting I would be willing to pay more than that thin arbitrage site pays. But I would pay much less than what it would be worth just to keep their tool pages clean so they can help build market adoption.

Google SERP Changes Result in Traffic Spikes
A huge number of webmasters are reporting a significant increase in traffic. Some even report the hike to be as big as double. All the masters who have been positively affected by the change are delighted.

This hike seems to follow a decrease in traffic by half around 20th December 2007.

In order to get the correct count some Webmasters have used the site: operator.

Kijiji Attempts to Take On Craigslist

The New York Times recently reported a story about Kijiji’s attempt to take on Craigslist. Though Kijiji has some decent traction globally, it had been an unknown in the US. Is that about to change?

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