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Google Maps Now Available In Bahasa Malaysia

Google’s had quite the crush on Malaysia recently. Last week, the company launched a Malaysia-specific domain for YouTube and now they’ve announced that Google Maps will have traffic and transit information for the western Pacific country. The traffic information, which has been around in other countries for a few years now, will be presented as an overlay on the trafficked …

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Google Maps Traffic Data Added For Norway, New Zealand, Hong Kong

Since it began tracking live traffic conditions in 2008, Google Maps has continuously added more and more locations to the service so that travelers can plan accordingly around hairy gridlocks and untimely commuting routes. Via the Lat Long blog today, Google Maps announced that major cities and highways in Norway, New Zealand, and Hong Kong will now be able to …

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“Yellow Light” Traffic Fatalities Studied

Hundreds of lives are being lost each year in the United States because of mistakes made in what engineers call the “dilemma zone” – that area before a stoplight intersection where the traffic light turns yellow and the driver isn’t sure whether to stop or go ahead. New research at Oregon State University will help to more precisely identify that …

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Pinterest Funneling Traffic to Retailers (Infographic)

Retailers are catching on to the popularity of Pinterest and its power to send visitors and potential buyers their way. Consumers are demanding, and getting, more choices in how they look at things online. Gone are the days of the whether-you-like-it-or-not banner ads and popups (well, mostly gone). People don’t like to feel “sold”. They do like to show each …

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Pinterest Traffic Spikes

Yesterday, Hitwise tweeted that Pinterest‘s total visits have grown from 10 million to 17 million in just this month. @Hitwise_USExperian HitwisePinterest ranked as #60 most visited site in the US last week – total visits went from 10M to 17M in past 3 we http://t.co/yLEk6W8M 20 hours ago via G+Tweet for Google+™ · powered by @socialditto Pinterest is one of the hottest …

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Google+ Traffic Booms But No One Can Agree On How Much

I’m pretty sure that nobody knows exactly how much Google+ has. Last month GlobalWebIndex said there were over 150 million users. Other reports indicate a more modest estimate of 62 million users. Statistician and founder of Ancestry.com Paul Allen forecasts that Google+ will reach 85.2 million by February 1. But wait, didn’t Google+ already have almost twice that number? So …

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