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Twitter Launches New Web Analytics Tool Twitter Launches New Web Analytics Tool
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It’s been a point of contention for some time now: just how much traffic does Twitter actually drive to your site? The general thought is “probably more than you think,” as web analytics tools are apt to under-report your Twitter …

StumbleUpon and Digital PR StumbleUpon and Digital PR
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The latest stats from StatCounter show that StumbleUpon’s recent jump to the top spot for referring social media traffic in the US was not a blip. In July when they passed Facebook they hit 43% with Facebook coming in at …

Google+ Can Drive Traffic To Your Site Google+ Can Drive Traffic To Your Site
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Google+ is still very young, but it’s already becoming a significant traffic source for some sites. Are you seeing any traffic to your site from Google+? Let us know. “I was quite surprised to find how strong Google+ was as …

Obama, John Boehner Speeches Crash Congressional Websites Obama, John Boehner Speeches Crash Congressional Websites
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Last night, President Barack Obama and Speaker of the House John Boehner both delivered speeches outlining the state of negotiations surrounding the debt ceiling and the budget. And it appears that those speeches provoked people to flock to the websites …

Using StumbleUpon To Drive Traffic to Your Website Using StumbleUpon To Drive Traffic to Your Website
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StumbleUpon can be a tremendous source of traffic for a site. The content has to be there, of course, but the nature of StumbleUpon enables that content to spread pretty quickly and pretty far. Is StumbleUpon one of the top …

Are You Sure You’re Not Getting More Twitter Traffic Than You Realize? Are You Sure You’re Not Getting More Twitter Traffic Than You Realize?
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Social media analytics firm awe.sm has a very interesting post explaining why webmasters might be getting a lot more traffic from Twitter than they realize. This has sparked some interesting discussion around the tech blogosophere, and quite frankly, it might …

LAPD Asks Celebs To Tweet The Traffic News LAPD Asks Celebs To Tweet The Traffic News
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Apparently, L.A. traffic is about to get worse. Beginning on the July 15th weekend, about 10 miles of Los Angeles’ 405 freeway will be closed. For those of us that don’t live in L.A., I’m hearing that this is kind …

Gawker Redesign a Success? Gawker Redesign a Success?
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As you may recall, Gawker Media recently redesigned a number of its web properties in an interesting way that keeps users on the front page. For example, if you go to Gizmodo, and click on one of the headlines in …

Facebook Traffic Vs. Website Traffic Facebook Traffic Vs. Website Traffic
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It’s clear that many sites are using Facebook for marketing purposes. The social network has given businesses many new ways to communicate, brand, engage, and more. In fact, recognized search expert Bruce Clay called the popular Facebook “Like” metric the new link.

How To Get Huge Traffic From LinkedIn How To Get Huge Traffic From LinkedIn
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As you probably know,  LinkedIn has had a huge week. The company launched a wildly successful IPO, doubling the company’s valuation overnight. While there is a fair amount of debate as to whether or not this valuation is too high, …

11 Ways to Promote Infographics 11 Ways to Promote Infographics
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Infographics are a hit with online marketers this year and as more companies hire designers to artfully represent data in creative and engaging ways, many fall short when it comes to infographic promotion. It’s the old “great content will attract …

Does Netflix Efficiency Eliminate Its Traffic Rate? Does Netflix Efficiency Eliminate Its Traffic Rate?
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Yesterday, it was revealed that Netflix use, specifically, their streaming service, takes up 30 percent of all North American web traffic. In fact, Netflix was the number one service in terms of its North American traffic count, beating out search …

Osama bin Laden Death Drives Massive Traffic for News Sites Osama bin Laden Death Drives Massive Traffic for News Sites
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Obviously the Osama bin Laden news drove (and continues to drive) a massive amount of news coverage from all sorts of publications. Coverage from tech blogs has taken some criticism this week, as Mashable announced a record number of unique …

TomTom Launches Traffic Site
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TomTom, the Dutch personal navigation company with the fun to say name, has announced today via press release a new site with live traffic data for the masses to access – for free. Possibly feeling their market encroached upon by …

Gawker Traffic Reportedly Down 25% Following Design Changes
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A lot of sites have been experiencing major crises in traffic over the last week or so since Google’s recent algorithm update aimed at low quality content. Gawker has been hit with a similar problem, but for an entirely different reason.

Gawker Media founder Nick Denton revealed today that the company’s traffic is down by nearly a quarter as a result of the recent widely publicized redesign. 

SMB Website Study: Frequent Updates + Social Media = Greater Traffic

SiteKreator, a small business website builder, has just released the results of their study in which they analyzed 5,000 random websites through 2010. The results revealed that small businesses who update their site content more often receive more traffic on a monthly basis vs sites who make less frequent updates. Additionally, sites which leveraged social media in their online strategies also received more traffic than sites not using social media.

Facebook Drives Massive Traffic Boosts To Media Sites
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Facebook says it has increased referral traffic to media sites by over 100% thanks to tools like its social plugins and Graph API, both of which were launched at f8 back in April. 

Facebook has worked with some organizations closely to help them find the right integrations, which is good for all parties involved – more traffic for the media sites and more data for Facebook. 

Webmasters Concerned About Lost Traffic Due to Google Notifications
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On Friday, Google aded a new notification to search results for letting people know when a site may have been hacked. As hacking is running rampant these days, it’s probably not a bad idea. However, not all webmasters are thrilled about it. 

Need More Traffic to Your Content? You Might Try a Tool Like This.
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You know how Facebook’s "like" buttons, retweet buttons, and various other social sharing buttons can help drive traffic to your site? ShareThis has launched a widget that site owners, particularly ones who put out a lot of content, may find useful for driving traffic and engagement with that content. 

Are Ad Pixel and Tag Issues Costing You Traffic and Sales?
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TagMan, a marketing tag management firm that deals with problems associated with site tagging and tracking of online marketing campaigns, is sharing some interesting results from a survey about ad pixels and tag implementation. The firm surveyed 100 client and agency ad execs around the world, and found that 99% of those surveyed faced problems with ad pixel/tag implementation and management, costing them traffic and sales.

Digg Users Sure Dig Digg Competitor Reddit
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Update: Digg Founder Kevin Rose has made the following statements on Twitter:

We’re working hard to fix the source diversity part of the digg algorithm, more news soon…

We want to ensure diversity of sources, and we’re working on that now…