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Soccer Site Scores Traffic With Beckham

The official U.S. Major League Soccer Web site, mlsnet.com had over one million unique visitors in July 2007 according to comScore.

10 Ways To Optimize Your Blog
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There’s a lot of blogs out there – a lot – so getting yours noticed could be difficult. The good news is that it can be done and those who have done it are willing to share a few tricks of the trade.

Unified Communications Bring Network Traffic

Seventy-five percent of companies estimate that a quarter of their network traffic over the last three months consisted of unified communications-related applications (VoIP, unified messaging, instant messaging), according to a survey from Network General Corporation.

SES – Search Engines on Click Fraud
In this session, search engines discuss how they deal with click fraud concerns.

Google Earth Gains Live Traffic Info
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We’re still waiting to see this feature spread to more cities, but in the meantime, it’s spread to another program.  Now users of Google Earth can see the same real time traffic info that was once available only in Google Maps.

Recall-Related Search Traffic Hits Mattel.com

Ah, traffic – almost every site wants more of it, unless, of course, the traffic consists of angry or concerned ex-customers.  Data from Hitwise reveals that Mattel’s official site received quite a few visits following a toy recall.

SES – Domaining & Address Bar-Driven Traffic Session
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Plenty of people are searching for things by typing in words into their address bars, slapping on a .com and figuring they’ll get to a relevant site. More and more, domainers are ensuring they don’t draw a blank. Domainers purchase popular generic domain names and populate the sites with ads from the major search networks. Learn how the business is growing, how it can deliver relevant traffic to advertisers, as well as issues with typo domains and opt-out issues.

SES: Let The Domain Drive

Domainers have been enjoying some additional attention these days, and that extends to a session at SES San Jose 2007 where they discussed tips and the power of the domain address bar.

Google Opens Traffic Quality Center

Google’s debut of the Ad Traffic Quality Resource Center closely follows the arrival of a similar service from Yahoo.

Yahoo Opens Traffic Quality Center

Click fraud and its related issues form the focal point for a newly-opened point of reference at Yahoo Search Marketing.

Google Seeks Edge In Voice Traffic Talks

As part of Google’s ongoing efforts to broaden its network, the company has been actively seeking strategic negotiators for submarine networks, and for IP transit services.

Google Tweak Decimates Answers.com’s Traffic
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A small tweak here . . . and a 28 percent plummet there.  Yeah, that’s right – Google adjusted its algorithm, and according to Answers.com itself, traffic to the Answers “information portal” has dropped dramatically as a result.

Google Maps Adapts To Rush Hour Traffic

Online mapping services are great, but they still have various faults and quirks – an over-reliance on u-turns, a tendency to place buildings on the wrong side of the street, and so on.  Now Google is trying to address one issue by making its drivetime estimates more accurate.

Engagement Leads To Record News Site Traffic

For news publishers, more is better, especially in an era of declining print. Lately, more users are reading more news, spending more time on news sites, and visiting more frequently.

Google Directs Traffic To Amazon UK

Amazon UK is a giant in its own right, but it turns out that the retailer owes a good portion of its traffic (around 25 percent) to Google.  And with one good deed deserving another, Amazon sends around ten percent of its visitors straight back to the search engine.

Turning Content Into a Valuable Keyword List
One of the comments on the article I wrote for Wordtracker mentioned WordsFinder, which allows you to create a list of keywords from a piece of content. Their tool uses the Yahoo! Term Extraction Tool, and also provides a few additional keywords next to the results.

Three other easy ways to get similar information are

Facebook Widgets Cause Dramatic Traffic Increase
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In what there calling "The Facebook Effect," metrics firm Quantcast says widgets developed on the Facebook platform are driving substantial traffic spikes for the websites they’re connected to.

Domainers Can’t Get Any Respect

Last week the second part of my “Domaining & Subdomaining in the Local Space” pubbed on Search Engine Land, and I’m particularly pleased with it, although my friends can deservedly kick me around a bit for writing articles too long. I did quite a lot of research for the two-part series, most particularly for this second segment which was focused entirely on Local Domaining.

YouTube Crushes All Video Competition

Video sites have been ground into the grooves of YouTube’s virtual tires on the information superhighway, in terms of online traffic.

Truveo Grabs Video Traffic, Partners

Tim Tuttle and his Truveo video search site, now part of AOL, have been making a lot of deals while boosting their monthly unique audience.

YouTube Comprises 10% Of All Internet Traffic
· 8

For the first time in four years, HTTP (Web) traffic has overtaken peer-to-peer (P2P) applications in bandwidth consumption, according to data released by Ellacoya Networks. YouTube takes the biggest chunk of all of them.

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