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Traffic To Microsoft Increases (Slightly)

As a search competitor, Microsoft is pretty much a failure – both comScore and Hitwise saw a drop in its already-small market share during October.  The corporation is far from finished, however, and it seems that traffic to Microsoft’s many sites actually rose.

Wal-Mart Kicks Off “Cyber Week”
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Compared to most retailers, Wal-Mart is really, really big.  So it only makes sense that the company is doing away with Cyber Monday, and is instead focusing on an entire “Cyber Week.”

Hitwise: Black Friday Traffic Up 145%

Below is a summary of key data points from Hitwise regarding Black Friday Traffic (week ending Nov 17th)

Internet Traffic Jam By 2010?

Whenever we discuss other countries’ faster Internet connections, there’s something of a “so what?” factor; after all, what we have now generally works well enough.  But a new study from Nemertes Research indicates that serious problems might emerge by 2010.

Larry Irving

First Comcast, Now Cox Busted ‘Managing’ Traffic

Comcast’s BitTorrent snafu set off another investigation of a cable provider and yielded similar results. This time it’s Cox’s interference with file-sharing service eDonkey setting Net Neutrality alarms.

Black Friday Site Traffic Increases 52%

Online traffic to Black Friday advertising websites is rising earlier in 2007 compared to 2006, Hitwise reported today. Online traffic to a custom category of Black Friday advertising websites increased 52 percent for the week ending Nov. 10, 2007 compared to Nov. 11, 2006.

NYTimes.com Traffic Booms After Dropping Select

One has to wonder what kind of traffic and ad revenue the New York Times gave up while its Times Select subscription model was in place.

Wal-Mart Leads Early Black Friday Traffic
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The early birds are rising earlier this year as searches for Black Friday-related websites spike a bit earlier than last year.

Traffic To Apple Sites Up

The iPhone and Leopard have made it an exciting few months for Apple, and in terms of traffic, the company’s become quite busy, too – compared to the third quarter of last year, Apple’s site experienced an increase in visitors of about 18 percent.

Secret To Monetizing Your Site
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So maybe you’re thinking to yourself; Hey, I need to start making some money online. Maybe you’re one of those that had that thought a while ago now… but aside from maybe the being online part

BlogWorld: Building Relationships with Bloggers

Building relationships with bloggers has been the hot topic of the last year, with an emphasis on the last couple of weeks – courtesy of Mr. Chris Anderson.

Dallas Cowboys Return Cowboys.com Domain Name

Last week I spoke about SEO, Search, and Domain Names at the TRAFFIC domain name conference, held in Hollywood, Florida.

SMX Rewind

So much covered, seen and happened in just two days. From FaceBook to Wikipedia and everything about social media in between. Finally, we wind up and take a dekko at all that we and everyone else from the SEM community have covered:

SMX: Linkbait – Chumming for Traffic…

Attracting visitors on social media sites involves using the right bait — linkbait. Compelling content is best. Added benefit: it appeals to bloggers too. Do it right and they’ll link to you, enhancing the prominence of your brand and driving traffic to your site. This session explains linkbaiting and provides examples and ideas to help you craft your own bait.

Social Networkers Love Their Leisure

Though many think of Facebook and other social networking sites as destinations for people who find pizza and beer a frequent financial challenge, these users have been hitting various leisure-oriented retail sites in droves.

TechMeme: It’s Not the Size of the Audience…

This isn’t a discussion that will necessarily have a neat conclusion – that’s sort of the nature of debate. But A-list bloggers dogpiled on the value, or lack there of, of headlining on TechMeme, and branched out to a more robust discussion about the value of quality (lesser, niche) traffic over the pounding servers get when headlining elsewhere.

Yahoo Enhances Ad Traffic Quality

A new option for Yahoo’s advertisers allows them to have better control of where their ads appear on Yahoo’s Publishing Network.

Building Your Attention, Traffic, Trust, & Subscriber Base

Some Things Only Spread Because Who is Behind Them

I recently created an Internet marketing mind map and published it on my tools subdomain with a link to it from tools.seobook.com, but nobody mentioned it. A few days later I blogged about it on SeoBook.com and dozens of webmasters linked to it. Same publisher, same content, drastically different results…because one channel has attention while the other does not.

Use Images & Drive Traffic
Jennifer Laycock writes a great article on how using images can boost traffic.

Led Zeppelin, iPhone Influence Search Traffic

The return of Led Zeppelin is a great thing, and it’s generated a lot of search traffic.  In terms of the benefit to one company, though, an announcement related to the iPhone’s UK release did much more good.

Presidential Candidate Thompson Draws Traffic
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Newly declared Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson had more visitors to his Web site than any of the other candidates according to Hitwise for the week ending September 8, 2007.

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