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Emily Blunt Talks Family And Traditions

Almost every family has a special tradition that is passed down from generation to generation. Emily Blunt said that her family always read a story together before going to bed. Emily is the proud mother of a baby girl and she told E! News that she plans to pass the tradition of reading on to her daughter. “She’s nine months …

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Ladies, You Can Resume Hanging Your Bras at Milwaukee’s Holler House

There’s a tradition at a Milwaukee tavern/two-lane bowling alley called the Holler House where first-time female patrons remove their bra, sign it, and hang them from the rafters, which sounds like something I would support wholeheartedly. Apparently, others do too, because according to Marcy Skowronski, the 87-year-old owner of the establishment, the tradition has been going on from decades. The …

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