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Trader Joe’s Recalls Fruit In Fear Of Listeria

Trader Joe’s has recalled several types of fruit produced by the Wawona Packing Company. Wawona recently found traces of Listeria in its production equipment and has asked several stores to remove their products from the shelves. The recall applies to “certain lots of whole peaches (white and yellow), nectarines (white and yellow), plums and pluots packed between June 1, 2014 …

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Trader Joe’s Recall Also Affects Other Stores

The Trader Joe’s recall that has fresh produce going to waste all over the nation is not actually just affecting Trader Joe’s. The alert is also for Costco, Kroger, and Wal-Mart stores, including Sam’s, among others. According to the recall statement, “Wawona Packing Company of Cutler, Calif is voluntarily recalling certain lots of whole peaches (white and yellow), nectarines (white …

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Fruit Sold at Costco and Trader Joe’s Recalled

Wawona Packing Company, based in the Central Valley of California, has voluntarily recalled white and yellow peaches, white and yellow nectarines and various plum varieties. The whole fruits were packed between June 1 and July 12, and distributed to Trader Joe’s and Costco stores. The Food and Drug Administration issued a statement on the matter: “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – July …

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Trader Joe’s Recalls Cold Salads and Wraps

Trader Joe’s is a grocery store that purposely only carriers a limited amount of products to give its shoppers an intimate shopping experience. They are usually located in quaint strip malls or in small stores that do not overwhelm their shoppers with hundreds of thousands of choices.  26 people were reported ill after eating products created by Glass Onion Catering. …

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