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Cisco Calls Apple On Trademark Infringement

Cisco has sued Apple over its use of the term iPhone for its newly announced mobile device, despite reports that they were near an agreement with Apple to share the name.

Latest Keyword Triggered Ads and Trademark Ruling

Eric Goldman reports factually on the latest trademark infringement case, ruled on by a court in Eastern Pennsylvania:

Socialtext Proposes Attribution Provision

When going through the process of opening Socialtext, we need to choose a license that is a fit for a commercial open source company. Commercial open source strikes the balance between freedom and profit motive, and the license you choose becomes a contract not just for the company, but a community.

MySpace For Trademark Infringement
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When capitalizing on the social networking explosion, it’s best to not be too obvious that you’re ripping off somebody else – especially when everybody knows that somebody else and the high-priced lawyers that come with. For example, a site called “MySpace for Midgets” is wrong for two reasons, but we’ll just focus on one.

Vuitton Bags Win In Google Case

Selling trademarks to competitors with AdWords may be a practice seeing its end of days at Google, as luxury brand Louis Vuitton declared victory after a French court ruling.

Trademark and Fair-play

Tim O’Reilly has said his piece about the Web 2.0 trademark affair, in a way that every entrepreneur should read to understand the working practice of trademark law.

Apple Beats The Beatles Over Trademark

The third time in court was not the charm for record label Apple Corps, which had sought damages from Apple Computer over the use of the Apple logo in association with iTunes.

Patent Office Preps Peer Review

Critics of the US Patent Office get their chance to put their expertise where their blogs are and participate in a new peer review initiative aimed at finding patents that are obvious creations and thus not qualified for a patent.

Claria Ditching Adware When AdCenter Debuts

News of Claria’s move could build on reports of a Microsoft trademark application for a name similar to that of a technology owned by Claria may mean the Microsoft/Claria takeover talks could be taking place in the background.

Yahoo Ending Competitor Trademark Bids

As of March 1st, Yahoo Search Marketing will change its policy regarding bids for trademarks by competitive advertisers.

Gmail Trademark Battle In Canada
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Google had to discontinue using the Gmail name in the United Kingdom after being unable to resolve a legal challenge, but faces a less-threatening challenge in Canada.

Latest Google Trademark Suit Against Blogger

Reuters has an interesting report that Google is being sued for trademark infringement – nothing new there – but this time its for allowing a Blogger to use a trademark on a blog hosted by Google’s Blogspot service.

Yahoo Doin The Trademark Thang

Yahoo sent the paperwork to the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a trademark on the domain name Y.com. While the domain will probably never exist, Yahoo is merely doing a little proactive CYA.

Court Rules Against Jerry Falwell In Internet Trademark Case

The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of appeals unanimously voted to reverse a lower court decision, ruling against Jerry Falwell and saying a New Yorker’s website, critical of the Virginia minister didn’t violate Falwell’s trademark rights.

Google Blogs Response To Geico Ruling

Apparently, the ability to make lemons into lemonade is one of Google’s strong points, or it could be they are living by the whole “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” thing.

Trademark Infringement Suit Against Google Goes Forward

Susan Kuchinskas has an update on the trademark infringement suit against Google by American Blind & Wallpaper Factory.

Google Loses Trademark Infringement Appeal In France

The BBC News UK edition reports that Google has lost their trademark infringement case appeal.

Trademark Battle, Google’s Achilles’ Heel?

Could recent trademark disputes be the only thing to prevent Google from continuing its incredible growth …

Why Did Google Let The “Google Store” Trademark Lapse?

File this under “I didn’t know that, but didn’t really care anyway”. The Industry Standard looks at a trademark application, that Google let die …

Microsoft Challenges Company Over Trademark

Savvysoft, a New York City-based financial software company is facing a trademark infringement challenge by Microsoft over the use of the term “Excel.”

Google Gets Another Adwords Trademark Suit

Metaspinner Media GmbH is filing a suit with the district court in Hamburg, Germany over its trademark “Preispiraten” being used as a Google AdWord.