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Trayvon Martin’s Family Speaks at MLK Commemorative March

Trayvon Martin, the 17-year-old Florida teen shot and killed in February 2012, has received the greatest volume of media attention from most any legal case in recent history. The allegedly racially-charged shooting trial finally ended last month when a jury acquitted neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman, citing that there just wasn’t enough evidence to find him guilty of murder. Now, Trayvon …

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Florida A&M Honors Trayvon Martin’s Father

The Trayvon Martin case and subsequent verdict have had a major affect on the nation, and one that will likely reverberate for years to come. While opinions on the decision are hotly contested, one university took it upon themselves to honor the slain youngster’s father in touching way. Florida A&M University has named Tracy Martin an honorary captain for the …

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