Trackbacks – Are They Dying?

Trackbacks – Are They Dying?

By Roger Dooley March 29, 2007

Steve Rubel at MicroPersuasion thinks trackbacks are dying. He cites tests of news trackback features at CNET and Yahoo that didn’t last as indicators that enthusiasm about trackback is waning.

PRWeb Adds TrackBacks, Spam

On the heels of Six Apart’s renewed commitment toward the TrackBack as a social protocol and a web standard, comes related news that PRWeb is adopting/enabling TrackBacks within its press releases.

Trackbacks and Press Releases

PRWeb officially announced the launch of their support of trackback functionality with press releases.

Yahoo News Tests Trackbacks, Enhancements

Yahoo News is gearing up to implement trackbacks.

Are Blog Trackbacks Conversations?

Steve Rubel’s post in which he explains his reason for rejecting a trackback from Jeremy Pepper has produced a blizzard of comments-26, along with three trackbacks, at last count.

Weblogs Inc. Takes “Lincoln Logs” Approach to Trackbacks

Marc Orchant discusses how Weblogs Inc. and Boing Boing are integrating trackbacks via Technorati, thereby avoiding link spam.

Video Learning About Trackbacks and del.icio.us

You all know what trackbacks are, right? The pings that you set up between a post on your blog with a post on someone else’s blog in order to link the two …

Connections Create Value From Content

“Show me the content!” asks Jol Cr in response to our announcement yesterday on the launch of Blogging Planet.

Blogs And Wikis Change The Dynamics Of Business

Tom Foremski, publisher of Silicon Valley Watcher and ex-FT correspondent, writes a terrific piece …