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Toy Story Theory: Who Is Andy’s Mom?

Have you ever wondered who Andy’s mom is in the Toy Story films? Writer Jon Negroni has come up with a new theory to answer that question. His theory suggests that Andy’s mom is actually Emily, the previous owner of Jessie the cowgirl. If you watched Toy Story 2, you may remember Jessie’s backstory. She was once loved and played …

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Pixar Is Coming To TV With Toy Story of TERROR!

In case you might have missed the news, Pixar is making a Halloween special for ABC (which is owned by Disney) using the gang from Toy Story, which should be all you need to get excited. The special airs on October 16, and after watching the nifty little preview, which comes courtesy of Huffington Post. The special, Toy Story of …

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This Chocolate Carousel Is All Kinds Of Magical

Chocolate in and of itself is pretty magical. Now, what happens when you carve out multiple chocolate sculptures and put them into a zoetrope? Well, just watch: Still confused? For a better explanation, here’s Pixar showing off its own Toy Story zoetrope. It’s just as, if not more, magical. [h/t: wrestler1977 via Reddit]

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