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Victoria Falls: Chinese Tourist Survives Plunge

As one of the seven natural wonders of the world, Victoria Falls is also home to tourism. There are not only beautiful pictures taken at this foreign destination and tourist hotspot, but unfortunate events that do occur while doing so. In this case, the unfortunate event transformed into nothing short of a miracle. According to a tourism official, a Chinese …

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Victoria Falls Plunge: Chinese Tourist Survives 49-Feet Leap

Yesterday, a Chinese tourist’s trip to Victoria Falls in Zambia took a turn for the worst. While capturing photos of the massive falls, 45-year-old Wang Shun Xue lost his footing and plunged 49 feet into the gorge. According to the manager of the National Heritage Conservation Commission in Livingstone, John Zulu mentioned how fortunately Xue didn’t fall at a location …

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Statue of Liberty Reopens Amid Government Shutdown

A vast number of federal sectors were effected by the partial federal government shutdown. But, what most people weren’t aware of prior to the shutdown was that it would cause a ripple effect that would merge into other areas. The Statue of Liberty was one entity that suffered the consequences. Liberty Island National Park is one of the 33 sites …

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