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Intel “Core VPro” Processors Powering the Next Wave of Ultrabooks

Good news for Intel, they are providing all the processors for the next wave of Ultrabook computers. The latest version of their Core processor (Generation 3) offers the most advanced 22nm 3-D tri-gate transistors, making the new Ultrabook devices more responsive with the best enhanced security. Intel has signed agreements with several leading touch panel manufacturers in order to meet …

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Microsoft’s Vision for Future Computer Use

As Microsoft prepares for the upcoming Windows 8 launch, they are also provided us a glimpse of what the future of computer use — this includes software and hardware — with a nifty video that not only gives us a forward thinking look at what lies ahead in the world of computer use, it also gives you an idea concerning …

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Windows 8: All About The Touch

Yes, operating system completists, Microsoft is ramping up for the next generation of their operating system, lovingly known as Windows 8. After the success of Windows 7 — that is, it wasn’t Vista — it’s almost safe to say the ire that usually followed a Microsoft operating system has largely died down. In fact, people are almost positive when it …

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