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iPad Mini, Kindle Fire HD, and Nexus 7 Smoothies, Anyone?

We’re not sure how BlendTec’s viral ad campaign is affecting sales of their products, but we do know it’s a damn good viral ad campaign. Whenever a new device is released – new iPhone, new tablet, new Kindle, etc. – people wonder when BlendTec will torture it. Their “Will it Blend” videos get hundreds of thousands, occasionally millions of views …

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Watch the iPhone 5 & the Galaxy S III Blended to a Fine Powder

You wanted it, and here it is. Blender company Blendtec has been torturing things for a while now through a YouTube video series called “Will it Blend?” Their speciality happens to be throwing tech devices into blenders – because why not? And today, they finally got around to posting a video that showcases the blendability of the iPhone 5 and …

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