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Waterboarding Daughter: Doctor Accused of Torturing Stepdaughter

The trial for a former doctor from Delaware who is accused of torturing his stepdaughter began Tuesday. Melvin Morse, 60, is accused of using several methods to torture his stepdaughter, including waterboarding. Morse, who denies the allegations, is a well-known …

Cops Find Disgusting Cat Torture Dungeon In Texas
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(Warning: This article contains descriptions of animal cruelty) In Santa Fe, Texas, a narcotics investigation that ended Friday had police finding more than what they were looking for; sub-human treatment by “humans” to animals. On Friday afternoon in the 4000 …

North Korean Prisons Make Hell Look like a Vacation North Korean Prisons Make Hell Look like a Vacation
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Below this sentence lies graphic content  that will make you lose faith in humanity. If you don’t want to read and see drawings about another atrocity in the world, click here. You’ve been warned.   It takes only an accusation …