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Study Shows Online Piracy is Good for Showbiz

A new study by The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) says that online piracy isn’t hurting the entertainment industry, but is actually helping it. The study, authored by Bart Cammaerts, Robin Mansell and Bingchun Meng, also asks governments to re-evaluate their antipiracy laws while including data from studies beyond those directly sponsored by the entertainment industry itself. …

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TorrentFreak Threatened With Comcast Lawsuit For Reporting News

What are your options if you don’t like what someone says about you online? Ignoring it is one option that seems to go unpracticed now that the Internet has given everyone who has a connection a public forum to voice their opinion. In the case of corporations, however, it appears as if the preferred strategy for silencing online criticism is …

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SOPA Blackout: TorrentFreak ******s Its ******* In Protest

TorrentFreak is joining the, well, torrent of websites that are blacking out in protest of SOPA today. While some, like Wikipedia and Reddit, are blacking out completely, many are showing their support in other ways. TorrentFreak, a site that specializes in new from the world of filesharing, shows users a blacked out site with a dialogue box asking them to …

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