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Baxter Springs, KS Reeling From Damages

Baxter Springs, in southeast Kansas, is still reeling from the damage caused by a tornado on Sunday evening. One man was killed in nearby Quapaw, Okla. and 25 people were injured, nine which were serious enough to be hospitalized. The tornado, now rated by the National Weather Service as an EF2 on the Enhanced Fujita scale, touched down at Quapaw …

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Tornado Damage Leaves 18 Dead In Southern Towns

Tornado damage in parts of Arkansas and Oklahoma has left survivors with the task of trying to rebuild after storms barreled through the states over the weekend and left behind devastation. The storm system cut a wide swath through Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and North Carolina on Sunday, leaving at least 18 people dead and hundreds more injured. Officials say they …

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Tornado Damage Extensive, 17 Dead In Aftermath

The damage from last night’s tornados in Arkansas and Oklahoma will not even be fully known for a few days, but as residents continue to comb through what is left of their possessions, they are also mindful of the 17 who have been reported so far as victims of this nasty storm. A possible EF3 tornado touched down about 10 …

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